Camping close to Melbourne, 3hrs max.


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Hi all, Need help finding a camping spot not infested by hundreds of other campers. I know it's a tall ask but any suggestions would be appreciated. A mate went up around Walhalla yesterday and today and everything is packed. So now we're on to plan 'B', but dont know where that is. Trying to keep the driving to a minimum, needs to be 2wd accesible also. Thought maybe Skipworth (My original plan) but who knows if that might be full.

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So ya want a nice camping spot colse to Melb ( less than 3 hrs ) that's easily accessable by 2wd that's NOT popular with other campers so ya have the place to your selves for the 5 day Easter weekend.

That's easy. Don't camp where other people camp, think outside the square. Where dose everyone camp? Next to a river. Take ya own water & look up hill on the ridge lines & saddles ( like the springs for eg ) Great camping peaces & quiet, ya have it to your self & there's HEAPS OF FIRE WOOD also.

I'll pm ya some ideas later.

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Hey Andrew, go to Woods Point and between there and Skipworth there are heaps of nice spots.
There is also a nice spot on Big Creek Road near the corner of Smyth Creek Rd off Brahams Rd in Warby hills has toilets and tables easy 2wd access


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if you take a look in the find a campsite section,underneath the 4x4 earth heading you might be able to find somthing there.

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Pretty much every where 2wd accessible and close to Melbourne will be packed, river or no river. We usually find easter is easier to pre book a few un powered sites at a van park, either that or work through and take time off a few weeks later LOL

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If you don't mind heading west there are a spots in Wombat that may suit.
Either up near Firth(It will be full) Park, turn opppisite the road and head to the old logging track, 5 sites of it.
Or around the back of Blackwood there are lots of little sites.
A couple with some water, most with none.
Feel free to PM me if you decide to come over and I could take you in as home all weekend.