Camping Big River area ?


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Hi Earthers,

Any one know of any good camping spots off big river rd ?

Funny enough we have not really camped that close to home we usually start woods point or walhalla.

If your not keen on posting good spot online please Pm I assure you we will leave it better than we found it :)


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Southish, stockman rewards area

hopfully it's cold, from camp we can take snowy rd to woodspoint rd in search of some white stuff.


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It's a mecca for dirt bikes and can be pretty rowdy ( southern end), I
found a few smaller camp spots further down Big river road. There was
one nice spot, I think it was at the end of Catford trk right by the river. It's
not marked as a campsite that I can see, and the track doesn't actually
connect to the track ( duffy trk) on the other side of the river. Or at least
it didn't when I was last there.
North end, I suggest Chaffe Creek camp ground.


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yeah Chaffe Creek is pretty good and usually pretty quiet or is big enough you can find somewhere a bit quieter away from people, there is also another camp spot around the bridge on Eildon-Jamieson Rd which isnt too bad either