Camping at Burrendong Dam


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Haven't got any work booked in until Friday so I decided to head over to burrendong for a couple of nights, dam level is at 34% the whole boat ramp is out of the water, weather is nice a little chilly tonight but a nice warm fire is doing it's job, it's supposed to be - 3 in the morning so I guess I get to test out my sleeping Bag tonight and see if it's warm enough, caught a few Redfin this afternoon and a couple of catfish just after dark, it's just great to get out of the house and away from the TV for a change,

my dog Dust is having a ball, he's been running All over the place exploring

The boat ramp tells the tale of just how low the dam level is,

I am standing at the bottom of the ramp, I camped between those two trees at the top last time I was here and was fishing three quarters of the way back up that ramp
Will post some more pics tomorrow when I can see what I am doing lol
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