Camper Trailer in the High Country


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What would be a good trip with a 4wd capable camper trailer ( Exodus 14) with free camp sites that invite to stay for a few days?


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That all depends on the tug and your experience ....
Is it a Complete Campsite Exodus? More of a van than a camper trailer, we just bought a 16 so looking forward to getting it out and using it.
I will be taking ours to Otools, Wannangatta and around Dargo without issue, he said with fingers crossed, I have towed in there plenty of times but with a smaller camper trailer not a 2 ton caravan...
A lot would depend on other traffic and track conditions


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Have a look on YouTube at a guy called Tyler Thompson. He did a series of 5 videos on high country. A lot of the tracks he did were fairly well maintained.