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Hi all,
I am currently faced with a bit of a dilemma, some time ago I managed to take a friends camper trailer for 2 week holiday and enjoyed the features and ease of setting up camp but I just didn't like that the trailer had one purpose only. On returning home I decided to make use of my current 9x5 tandem trailer and I purchased a 7x5 tent off flea bay and with a couple of small modifications I made it fit the top of the trailer.

I have been using this set up for some 4 years now and I love the fact that when I'm not using the camper I can simply remove the tent off the trailer and lean it against the wall in the shed but I'm finding the tent is not of the greatest quality and is starting to wear, I think it might be time for an upgrade.

Now the dilemma I face is to get a decent quality tent made for my current trailer or to purchase the full purpose built camper trailer? I am not really concerned about the whole pull out kitchen, water tank or bottle holders etc I am more concerned about the capabilities of the trailer, most of the camping I have done thus far with the trailer has been around easy access roads but I am now finding some of the camps we stay at now are situated a little bit further in the bush but I am not going to take the thing up any crazy wild tracks that requires winching all the way up but it will get travel in the Victorian high country from time to time.

My current set up is,
Off the side canvas tent soft floor with the extra room on the front, Trailer is a tandem and measures 4.2 long, trailer is mechanical braked, I'm running taller tires with the axel changed to outside of the leaf springs (5 leafs) for extra clearance, it has a large steel box at front for storage and a ton of room underneath for storage I had a cover made so the trailer is completely enclosed.

I would really appreciate any advice with ideas of what to do or suggestions whether to keep my current style trailer or to get a purpose built 4wd trailer.

Thanks Blinky......


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I have a purpose built trailer with kitchen etc. Having the swing out kitchen is really handy and I find makes cooking in the bush that bit easier. Also washing up, brushing teeth etc is made easier by having an available tap.

The biggest advantage I think is the ability to carry 85L of water under the trailer. That is a lot of room inside the trailer with jerry cans or whatever that you can save. It's also nice having the jerry can and gas bottle holders on the sides of the trailer.

If I were you I would look at costs of installing these sorts of things on your existing trailer vs costs of buying a new trailer. In my opinion having all the bits and pieces of a purpose built camper really makes travelling long distances easier.


I would personally get a purpose built trailer with decent suspension and get a Cavalier tent purpose made to suit. Cavalier will do that, then you can mod the rest of it to suit what you want, need.
Might need to work out costs though to see if cheaper that way.
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This tent can be ordered with a removable top leaving a flat bed trailer. Get a box made up to go on top or sides made up and you have a box trailer as well.

Nice short wheel base and ground clearance for the high country


And if you have a bit more coin, this thing is a weapon. Saw it at the Melb 4x4 show and was really impressed. (has a hot shower, kitchen and fridge which I am sure the wife will love.)

I really want this unit.

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