Camp Table

What camp tables are you guys running?
I’ve liked the look of the lifetime bi folds with adjustable height, but after having a look at them I don’t like the wobble. I could come up with something to brace it but I’d rather just have a stable table right out the box.
Any suggestions on a good solid table?




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Depends on what your perception of solid is??

I went with a Wanderer, same as this one.

Except when I got mine it was $40 on special.

I like it because it saves space when travelling & I can put all the plates cutlery, sauces & s&p into the storage area.

Works for my needs.



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I think you have to work backwards from where you can store it in the vehicle or camper. Then get as large as you can given that.

You can never have enough table space when camping. And 2 tables are great. One for storing things and the bigger one for eating.
I ended up going with the lifetime 5ft bi fold. The legs aren’t adjustable so the design is ALOT more solid. $50 at anaconda on sale. Cheap and cheerful. Had it out for a camp last night and it did what it does. 4 legs and a flat surface. No wobble. @boobook thats definitely the way to go. Mine fits perfectly in the back of the Prado and is plenty big for the missus and I.


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$20 tin fold up table from Kmart. Cheap, light and has lasted about 5 years bouncing around in the back of my ute so far. I take 2 if I am going with a larger group.


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Can't fault my Zempire like above The bamboo slat top stays the right shape and keeps everything taunt . It's far better than the expensive full ally ones I've owned which always seem to get wobbly with age.


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Another one for Lifetime. Mine lives in the dog box and has been awesome for around 4 years now. Only $35 odd too.