Camp Oven Recipies / Meal Idea's.


Lamb Shanks in Mint

4 Lamb Shanks
2 tab. Mint jelly
1 Diced Onion
½ cup tomato sauce
1 Cup water
1 tab. Butter or oil
Heat oil and brown shanks in camp oven, then brown onions.
Add all other ingredients, and simmer slowly until cooked.

Barbecue Spare Ribs

1½ kg spare ribs
1 teaspoon. Salt
2 tab soy sauce
3 tab. Tomato sauce
1 tab sugar
2 tabs honey
1-cup chicken stock
Mix soy sauce, sugar, salt, chicken stock, tomato sauce and honey together
and marinade spare ribs in for 1 hour. Put a little water in bottom of camp
oven and place spare ribs on rack sitting in camp oven over water. Roast for
about 1¼ hour, turning spare ribs from time to time. Heat diluted marinade,
and serve with spare ribs over rice.

Lost 2

First crack can of BEER!to drink after a hard days drive.
Four Quarter chops,BBQ chops you know the ones i mean?Amount to suit the number of people.
Cut of the fat.Discard for dog or yabbie bait?
Layer in the base of the camp oven.
Slice or scallop some potatoes and lay on top of chops.
Along with some sliced onions also.
This can be made in multiple layers depending on the size of the group.
Next another BEER to drink.(Gee this is hard work)
Now crack a can or cans of Vegetable soup and pour over undiluted.
Place oven on camp fire,moderate temp,around fourty minutes to an hour.
While cooking kick back and have another BEER!
So basically,
Can/s? of vegie soup
Preparation time 15/20 minutes
Cooking time 40/60 minutes
Bed time depends on amount of BEER consumed?
Quick,easy,tasty and just serve with some steamed vegies,enjoy!
All the best
Lost 2.