Camp Oven Lamb Shanks


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How did you cook it in the oven?

Coals on top?
Gas on top?
Last nights one i cooked in the fire pit at home as i wanted to give the oven a run before going bush for a couple of weeks , but same as I cook it in the bush .
Shovel coals out and put the camp oven on top of them , then a shovel of coals on top , slow cook for minimum 2-3 hrs topping coals up when necessary .
If its hissing its to hot , the beef stock keeps it moist and reduces down to make a perfect gravy .
I reckon Lamb Shanks are ideal for the camp oven if the heat is well managed , the longer they cook the better they taste .:)


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For liquid on the bottom instead of stock i just throw in a can of dice tomatoes. Some brands already come withs herbs/spice add as well.


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Don't go buy a rabbit then, $20.oo odd dollars when I last
bought one. About 8 years ago.


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Nice one Bomber, good to see the camp oven doing what it was designed to do.

As a chef I normally find myself trying to make quick meals when out as time is always short but on the odd occasion I have done a couple of slow cooked dishes like 8 hour Moroccan lamb shoulder with a nice instant type cous cous & 8 hour beef brisket on store bought fire toasted sour dough with pickled cabbage(or coleslaw) & horseradish cream & onion relish.

I love the fact you can put dinner on at breakfast & it'll be ready when you get back at dinner time ;)

Les PK Ranger

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Been doing lamb shanks, ribs, pork belly is bloody good too . . . bit of crackling went missing, burp.


Lots of different stuff in the camp oven, mostly started doing this on the mid year WA trip, as 5-1/2 weeks the usual lamb or beef would have gotten a bit boring !
Me and mate Dennis made cottage pie too, which is very easy and totally delicious.


Jason Watt

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The closer the bone, the sweeter the meat.
Can't beat slow cooked lamb shanks in red wine and rosemary.
My local Woolies are flogging their brand of "heat & eat" lamb shanks for $15 a pair!

Les PK Ranger

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Those are huge lmab shanks @Jason Watt . . . and very tasty too.
The easy way to camp oven those pre alow cooked packaged Wollies packs.
(That's one of their above, the pork belly.)


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Tried this one last night.
Sliced an onion and coarsely chopped two slices of bacon. Browned them then added the beef packet.
Also added 3 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce, 3 tablespoons of red wine vinegar and 3 teaspoons of brown sugar.

Very nice.

Rusty Panels

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I do a slow cooked lamb leg that just falls off the bone. It's so good my mouth is watering just mentioning it to you. Trouble is you will use most of your 8.5kg bottle for 1 meal.

I can however highly recommend my spaghetti made with a tin of Tom Piper Savoury Mince and a bit of Vermicelli Pasta. Hey!, after you've lived in the bush for a couple of months eating whatever passes your mouth my spaghetti is superb!