Camp season...not sure...


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Are u allowed to have a small fire on the beach below the high water tide mark during the fire season?:confused:


Check with your local Fire Brigade, they have brocures for fire restrictions and total fire ban days or simply look up CFA website, most of the answers to your questions are there.


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Technically, you can have a fire anytime, anywhere IF it is for Cooking or Personal Warmth.

Having said that, use common sense with where and what the conditions are (especially the wind).


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That's what I thought Heading out to the York Peninsula shortly for a fishing spell :)
Happy 2009...may it be a mechanical and bogg free year for everyone on our :)
"well"...I guess the odd weeee boggz Ok...hahhahahah adds to the fun :)


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The rules and regulations regarding fires vary from each state and territory. I know in the NT you can have a cooking fire regardless of any fire bans, so it would be best to check with the fire authorities in the appropriate state/territory.