Camerons corner


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Taking a trip to Camerons corner in September, plan is to go from Melbourne to Echuca, then across to Mildura. From Mildura up to Broken Hill and then on to Camerons corner.

Trying to work out a couple of things, On the map it looks like you can go straight across from just under Tibooburra to Camerons corner. Where is, however suggests that you go past Tibooburra and up in to Queensland and then back down to Camerons corner. This adds at least 100 km to the trip.

Has anyone done this trip who could let me know what is the best route and also if there is anywhere between Broken Hill and Camerons corner worth stopping a night?

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I have been to the corner a couple of times but only from the Tibooburra across to the corner not up into QLD then back down, the road was a decent dirt road with tarmac in water courses when I was there in 07, I will be coming through there in a few weeks so can let you know what the roads are like then.

I have not stayed anyware on the silver city hwy as it is an easy drive from the Hill to Tib even with stops it can be done easily in the day.


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Like Bluedog says,

Not a lot between Tib and Camerons corner, went through there in '07 on our way to our Simpson desert crossing. we went from Mildura to Lake Mungo National park,worth seeing, then onto the Kinchega woolshed and then onto Broken hill then up to Tibooburra and took the road to the left just before Tib went out not far and camped alongside a Dam on the right , there are a few good spots out of town, ask at the pub for the latest.

haven't done the alternative route, don't hear much about it either .


Tis an easy road from BH to Tib abd you'll make it easily in the day but do have to watch the road trains and I'm not sure if they've had much rain or not because that can wash sections out and make them impassible...


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Thanks guys, knew I would get some first hand info from here. About 7 or 8 vechiles in our party, should be a good trip.