Cameron Cnr via Mt Brown Track through the Gammon Ranges


Gammon Ranges & Flinders Ranges Trip . . .

I have a 2018 Mazda BT50 4x4. It’s stock standard except for the snorkel, canopy and roof rack. I’m allowing about 10 or 11 days for the following trip.

I’ll be starting at Hervey Bay making my way to Cunnamulla then Cameron Corner. I want to go from Cameron Corner via the Mount Brown Track (Google maps) through the Gammon Ranges, see Lake Frome and the other highlights and then proceed from the Gammon Ranges to the Flinders Ranges and then Broken Hill and then to Sydney.

Regarding 4WDing through the Flinders Ranges, there’s quite a lot of information through Googling. Not so much though on the Gammon Ranges.

Has anybody experience with making their way from Cameron Corner (via the Mount Brown Track or similar) through the Gammon Ranges? Any other tips on what to see and do would be appreciated as well.



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If your running stock tire make sure you have a good puncture kit and a couple of spares, you will need them and if standard shockers take a spare and you will need to replace all of them when you return. The tracks I did around Gammon Rangers were brutal on the car and camper but well worth it. No damage but you have to take it easy and watch the track very closely. Well worth a visit its an amazing area and IMO better than the Flinders