Buying turbos


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Alright so consider me new to turbos and 4wds but mechanically pretty good.
I'm looking at getting a second hand turbo, for starters is this a good idea?
Also if anyone has any advice what to look for (signs of misuse / damage) that would be great.
So far my favorite is an ARB turbo kit which includes oil cooler from a wreckers in Victoria.

Thanks in advance for any info :)


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MrFred. I would check for end play and up and down movement in the Turbo, but i see you are in Canberra. Ask wreckers if there is any warranty Cheers Rob


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With the turbo's always be careful. Bearings ware rotors ware etc etc. In my past experiance second hand turbos are more trouble than they are worth.


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Thanks for your replies everyone.

I'll let you know if I decide to get it or not. At the moment though it's really cheap. Which hints to me that maybe there actually is something wrong with it? But for 720 surly that's still a bargain.