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Thought you would find that pretty impressive Rick. When I took the pic I thought of you guy's!

Hope it's all going well.


Mr Rum

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When I first spotted this in the grass at Wonnangatta Station, I actually thought it was a rock, and drove around it.
The first photo I took of it didn't give any clue as to how big it was, so I snapped this second one with my foot for scale..


It's got to be the biggest toadstool I've ever seen.:eek:


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It's got to be the biggest toadstool I've ever seen.:eek:
Nice work Pete ,
The biggest fungi we have ever seen , found at Mt Worth State Park Vic.
It was actually petrified on the side of a giant tall tree , so you can get a scale to it.
Was rock hard and amazing to see :)

I will post a photo up later , can't do it now , as on weekends around here the internet wireless gets taken over by the tourists , so I struggle to do jack lol ;)
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Well we are heading into Fungi season soon as it gets colder & wetter .
I hope you lot will keep an eye out this year for some weird & wonderful samples :cool:
Yeah am thinking I will have to go a bit further afield,got a place in mind that will keep secret for know,dont want my lunch cut.:)
Reckon it will churn out some beauties,time will tell,and with 35c next week there's no rush.


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Anyone got an idea of what this might be?. Rather large, around 40 cm long. Found at an old sawmill site in a Cypress Pine forest.
Wow ! Great Photos mate :)
Its all about being in the right place at the right time . Fungi have a very short surface life , they sprout then die and compose back to the earth very quickly , within days or a week .
Sometimes we have found rock hard petrified ones the size of dinner plates stuck to trees in certain areas , but this is uncommon.
Thanks for posting and keep a look out in your area over the coming winter months , they are great photography models :)
Each area around Australia has different types specific to climate , soil and the trees around them .
I Love this photo because it looks like a hand coming out of a grave :cool:
Cheers Rick



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This is the same image that appeared in my recent trip report. There were many of these fungi sprouting up in the Simpson Desert about a week after Rain..
Thats super cool Pete !
Same thing , Right Place at the right time , even the Desert delivers :cool:
Blink and you Miss it .


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We at last have had some rain at least and the fungi are starting to sprout.
I heard on the radio today whilst I was in Yarram that the Lumo (Glow in the Dark) fungi are up around in Gippsland areas.


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yeah finally had a drink here too,doesnt have a good vibe for fungi this year though,will have a gander this week
We have been looking for new suitable areas to find new species once it gets a bit wetter & colder .
Found some good spots that have promise out the back of Hepburn near Daylesford last Sunday . Taking the terrain , soil and vegetation into account has plenty of promise , but time will tell :)