Bush Fungi Stuff


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Nothing much to report from last weekend , I was too busy trying to winch up a hill , but Jean took one of a nice yellow one whilst waiting for me to finish playing push /pull me :)
These are normally a grey colour .


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On the way home from our weekend away yesterday we stopped at a bushland reserve for lunch. I pottered about looking for fungi when I came across these Truffles. I was rapt as they are rare and I had never photographed them before.

After a bit more searching I came across these.

And this far larger luminescent variety.

As Jen called out that lunch was ready I had another close look at the Truffles, so glad to see them, then as I touched them to see how soft they were I realised that they were kangaroo poo with a bit of mould on them Ha! oh well they were still good to see!!!!!! When I told Jen she just gave me that look that us guy's get every now and then. You'd reckon by now she would know I was a bit wacko Ha ha!!

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Haven't been out looking for fungi yet, been too dry here I reckon until this weekend, and now all this popped up in the backyard, never seen em here before. Tiny little buggers, used Sigma 300mm, and an old OM mount Zuiko 50mm with extension tube and off camera flash
Great photos mate :)


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Be Careful , Its addictive to capture the moment , you could go back the next day and its all gone or not the same ;)
Oh I know mate, usually I head of for a walk in the forest with a couple of cameras and a few lenses, much easier in the backyard, haha