Bush Company Roof Top Tent [or similar]

Heading out for a year on the road end of March and have landed on a quality, load bearing RTT as our preferred sleeping set up. Anyone looking to sell over the next couple of months? I'm in Melbourne.


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Not selling my Bush Company RTT (I love it) but be aware that when you say "load carrying", this is a limited function, designed for surf boards or other lightweight gear.

Kings have a new version available which looks similar but will be significantly cheaper than any second hand Bush Company unit you may find (albeit with probable accompanying lack of quality, but if looked after...).
Thanks silkwood, the only thing I'd want to put on top are surfboards and a solar panel – other than the ease of set up/pack down this is the largest attractor to a hard shell for me. From memory you get 50kgs with the black series so should be well under.


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Having used my campking rtt for the first time over last weekend i can say they are amazing!

Dont like your chances of saving much second hand, if they do come up they all seem to be 90-95% of full price and go quick
Yeah, have noticed but thought it was worth a shot. That's another selling point for me – $4k+ is realistically out of my budget but we are about to head out for 6–12 months on the road, and if I can sell it at the end and only loose a few hundred it's immediately worth the up-front outlay. They have them in stock at Ultimate Offroad so I'll buy new if I have to, but worth sounding out what is out there first.


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I don't own a rtt but Moremi Rtt are in your range.

The main concern I woud have with any hard shell rtt it the wind catching surfbards and cracking the shells mounting points top or bottom or ripping it off the roof alltogether. Remembering the bast given off by semi trailers let lone just cruising yourself at 100kph. Maybe throwing on a couple of tie down straps over the whole thing attached to the vehiles mounting points may help.
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I like how they say the Moremi takes 10 seconds to set up or tear down, but even the heavily edited and cropped video takes around 80 seconds. LOL. They lost me right there.


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The 10sec time is a bit exaggerated yes they could have given a realistic time which would have maybe been closer to 30sec or 40sec but that would vary depending on the vehicle etc. Most companies or people edit videos nothing new there.
The Moremi looks like a good alternative, particularly the Sport (although I can't find much info about this, or even many photos). The Moremi Extreme Lite doesn't quite meet my aesthetic sensibilities but is nearly half the price so could be swayed. Will look into them, thanks!

I see what you're saying about the boards acting as a sail on top of the roof rack but unless you have an 11ft mal there isn't going to be a lot of overhang to catch their air – the Bush Co tents are 2.2m long so even with an 8ft board you only have a few inches overhang.