Bush Bashing!?!


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I was reading another thread and someone was asked what they want to do with the vehicle they were wanting to purchase. This is where the term "Bush Bashing" came up.

To me these two words conjure up images of 37" tyres and ploughing through mud holes with the surrounding terrain at window sill height or making tracks where no track does or should exist. You've seen them on youtube, breaking drive shafts and cv's, snatching vehicles out bog holes that you can see there is a track around.

A large part of this community (4x4 Earth) are commited to the "Tread Lightly" principle and I believe this should be encouraged at every oppurtunity. And to this end I think the term "Bush Bashing" should be struck from our vocabulary, never to be used again. We are in a fight to maintain our pastime, to maintain tracks, parks, forests and access to them. There are greenies at ever turn who would gladly close ALL areas to deny us our passion for the outdoors, for nature, for time in solitude and for time with family and friends.

Perhaps there should be a standard reply to all new member posts along the lines of what this community is about and what is expected of its members with regard to the preservation of our natural areas and expected conduct. Perhaps then, we may see more reporting of illegal behaviour like one of our members recently did. And again well done mate hope it leads to something. This behaviour is just more ammunition for the aforementioned greenies and, like politicians, we all get tarred with the one brush because of the vehicles we choose to drive.

It is something that has bothered me for a bit and I'll end my rant here and get off my soapbox.

Barra GU

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Good topic of conversation and i hope you dont take my response personally.

Bush bashing as a term really may be taken out of or in context.
Unfortunately the image ypu have stuck in your head is 1 stereotype but then theres also the others.... unlocked rigs diving into big bog holes or tracks with big tyres thinking they are invincible and making the track/ruts deeper that even a twin locled rig with smaller tyres that wouldny break traction cant even do...

Personallu i think its got a whole lot more to do with being unlocked than big tyres cos most spin excessivly with no traction

I unfortuantely fall in the 37 inch catagory and am twin locled and i would like to concider myself a technical driver...

Then why 37s you ask? Cos of comps... comps require testing driving etc out bush so all comp trucks run them amd do testing with them...

The other thing i really dont get with the whole wrecking tracks theory is that whilst i am all for keeping tracks in good condition we are not harming the grpund the spil or the earth ripping it up either... i personally see it as an issue fpr people who run smaller tyres because then those tracks become too hard to travel on so people hate that its "ripped up"

Many people carry on about the tracks being ripped up cos it causes so many problems to the earth etc but i never see anyone complaining about winch truck comps being bad for the tracks the earth or the planet...

I bet if you put a video up of me driving my 700hp patrol down a fire trail with 4 wheels at full roost people would have a coniption...
You put a suburu with 555 sticker on the sode of it doing the same thing in a rally abd no one bats an eyelid....

The moral to my story is this....

I think were all becoming a little to sensitive... a little too soft... a bit of a nanny country....
Im all for looking after tracks and whoevwr ripped up o tooles or the likes of simular places shpuld be punished accordingly , but on the other hand lets not squeeze all the fun out of 4wding...

Im not saying let d*ckheads drice around full peg unnecessarily... im just saying that maybe sometimes we get a bit too butthurt over things we dont really need to... like a simple term, like bush bashing...


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Bush bashing is a couple of words I haven’t used since i was younger. It was just what that particular group called going for a drive out in the sticks not even off road sometimes.

Language and behaviour are seperate things even though the term bush bashing might sound a little loose i see no real harm in it.

We try and preserve our freedoms and whilst self regulation and governance is probably the best way to do that clamping down on an idividuals choice of words is probably a bit authoritarian for the lifestyle we am to live and promote.

From what i have seen is the more extreem off road crowd dont seem to hang around this particular forum for to long before they move on anyhow.



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To me "bush bashing" I guess is wheeling without care, skill or consequences. Doesnt have to be environmental damage, could be just breaking shit. Thats not Oxford dictionary text, just what comes into my mind when some say "bush bashing".

I sit on the fence with this though. We should preserve our land and tracks we drive on, thats for sure, but there are are greater threats to the environment than 4x4 tearing up the ground and tracks or even knocking down trees. The land will recover and if the damage is bad it might not in our life time but left untouched it will recover. Mother nature is awesome like that. Take any town or city for instance. Think about all the destruction that was needed to build it. Hundreds of hectares flattened, rivers and creeks changed, trees cut down, the pollution by man, whatever. Its nothing compared to a few tracks in the bush, no matter how bad they are. You only have to drive some tracks that no one has been down in years and they are almost impassable due to over growth and sometimes you cant even see the original track. The rubbish in our bush is far worse than a couple of tracks that you cant drive in a modified 4x4, but thats my opinion.
As long as people stick to the track I don't have a problem really. It's when they start hooning in camp grounds it really shits me. Having a "Bush Basher" to me means having a vehicle that doesn't bother you too much if it gets a panel whack or the like. Something that isn't as precious as your daily driver. Sadly for a lot of us our daily driver is also our play vehicle so we have to think about what we are doing a little bit harder :)


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I've called it bush bashing for 40 years, but that doesn't mean that I go out and abuse the bush - it's just a term for getting out in the scrub.
I honestly don't think it would matter if you called it "Going for a Sunday drive in the scrub" - the hoons will take the term over to mean what they want it to mean, and if you think about it, that innocuous title could be quite easily taken as a tongue-in-cheek reference to bashing the stuffing out of the bush.

I'll be the first to admit that our Maj is a bush pig - that's what we call her. But it doesn't mean that we use her to destroy the scrub.


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I agree with all the above posts, talk about sitting on the fence...
When i saw the " bush bashing " comment I must admit I did cring a little with images of a irresponsible red neck tearing up the bush in a beaten up shit box with a MUD SLUT sticker on the windscreen and empty cans flying out the windows.
BUT that was my issue and paranoia not how a majority of new 4wders would behave so I let it go as a passing thought knowing that someone would raise the perceived problem.
So I guess the question is, Is it a problem ? Is there any issue with the term? Or is it possible we are falling into the horrid category of politically correct keyboard worrier?
After thinking about it I think the later is the unfortunate to a degree and George sumed it up very well..
A few tracks do nothing in the term of environmental damage , you just nèed to look at the destruction of the Dandenong Rangers 150 years ago when nearly every tree had bèen cut down and how it has now or how the Black Saturday fires burnt Toolagi , today you would behard pressed to pick where they were.
Some people enjoy a easy drive, some enjoy a highy modded rig and doing the most extreem, I enjoy doing hard stuff with twin locked cars on 35 but with my 32s and no lockers just truetracs because that is my challenge. Does that mean I am irresistible? I dont think so maybe some might because I spin a wheel
I think the pigs that shit everywhere and leave paper flying around or rubbish in fire pits are more of an issue but they think its acceptable


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Guess I prompted this, so as a matter of clarification the term 'bush bashing' to me has always meant getting away from well populated areas onto less used dirt tracks (or heading bush into the scrub as Chatty indicated). Taken literally (depending on one's interpretation of language) I can see the term could offend, but that's not my intent. Making a detour track when one finds the existing track impassable is bush bashing. How many times have we seen that on television/internet shows!? :)
Personally I'm a 'leave nothing but tracks/foot-prints, take nothing but photos' type of guy. Unfortunately, we spend too much time cleaning up other peoples mess/litter when we go bush.


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I use a lot of politically incorrect terms and hate the whole PC brigade and what it has done to society but regardless of what you think personally about using a particular term and your meaning of it, the effect of using a term is everyone else’s enterpretation so you have to be mindful that the wrong message is not being conveyed by the words you choose to use.

PS a bit of grammar and punctuation wouldn’t have gone astray in this post but .....

Barra GU

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I use a lot of politically incorrect terms and hate the whole PC brigade and what it has done to society but regardless of what you think personally about using a particular term and your meaning of it, the effect of using a term is everyone else’s enterpretation so you have to be mindful that the wrong message is not being conveyed by the words you choose to use.

PS a bit of grammar and punctuation wouldn’t have gone astray in this post but .....
Couldnt of summed it up better myself...
Even where mat says "Or is it possible we are falling into the horrid category of politically correct keyboard warrior"

Unfortunately i think we live in a world where we love to see people fall, or be berrated on line for something we dont agree on...
There are alot of doo gooders but then there are also a lot of hatters and sometimes they are people who are both...
Unfortunately those are the type that suck the fun out of what we do amd if they see something that causes some helousy or envious of they hate...
Typical example is my rig...
I got a letter in the mail from vic roads stating that they want to inspect my vehicle as someone reported ot as highly modified...

Im all good though as i run around town on stockies but was told some hater reported my rig via photos shown to vic roads on the internet...

Its the same type of person who even though i did everything above board and engineered my rig , just wants to see you be inconvenienced ..

My reason for this post is that there is the type of person in the community these days that just likes to pipe up to put others down... whether it be facebook haters or on forums... youre gunna get a difference in opinions... but where is the emd? Where do we stop hating and to what extent?
Slightly off topic but
May need its own thread soon me reckons.
I am a cautious driver the further I get away from my comfort zone. This has to do with the fact that I am not an experienced 4wd operator in either navigating tracks or repairing mechanical damage to my vehicle. Maybe as time goes on, I will become more adept at both of these but until that occurs, I prefer the slow, purposeful approach and will always for the easiest way up or down a track.


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It's just an expression ! Australia is famous world wide for "Aussie slang" if we can't say what we want the way we want, we may as well all be robots, guess I'll have to be real careful next time I "hit the frog and toad", or the P.C. brigade may call the RSPCA !:rolleyes:


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Yes it's just a slang wording we use, but for me I think of it as racing around in the bush with out a care. Yep I know it's stereo typing but that's just the words ppl put with this actions.
I rather use the words 4wding as it's taken more as going off road with causation and care rather than bush bashing racing around off road.
But that's just me :confused: lol


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I did it up in Cape York in 1993 or there abouts with Geoscience Australia doing mapping and soil and ck sampling spent about 3 months almost always off road completely and some times setup remote fly camps away from the main camp and we would be in the fly camps for 2 weeks at a time. Most of these were in government white BJ73 mid wheel base with the fibreglass top and SWB versions. We had codan radios and the big whte Magellan GPS units pretty high tech at the time. And we had cross ply tires with split rims.


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Well, that certainly opened up discussion didn't it? I'm not trying to be any sort of PC police but I seem to have hit a couple of nerves.

I have no objection to anyone having 37" tyres, if that is what you feel you need then so be it. There is a certain an element though that use their 37s quite inappropriately. As indicated by others it is just the mental images that the term invokes, which I think we can all agree does not do our cause any justice.

Sorry if I have come across as some sort of anonymous hater but I can assure you that is not me at all. I haven't, yet, had the pleasure of meeting anyone from this community but I'm sure it will happen eventually.

This is my favourite t-shirt and I very much enjoy wearing it places where it may offend someone. Mostly I just get "love your t-shirt", which also makes me happy.

Anyway, as someone said, t is just two words and I prefer not to use them, nothing to do with political correctness or hating it is just me.



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I don't get annoyed at the term bush bashing. Greenie bashing annoys me, and saying they are locking tracks is a bloody myth. I agree with discomatt, people wrecking facilities around camp grounds, leaving filth everywhere or dumping rubbish is the biggest problem we have. You do get locked out for that sort of behaviour. The more people that go somewhere, the more regulated it has to become because of the dickhead percentage.
The term bush basher is pretty good Aussie slang that should be kept because really it means something you can drive in rough country and we've got plenty of that.