Burgoynes Trip Report 28th December 2008


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At the risk of tripling up

Trip Report Burgoynes Track 28th December 2008
Weather Fine and blue sky. Only a small shower in proceeding days so tracks were dry.

Warning all the tracks discussed are completely different in the wet and become very dangerous and only for experienced 4wd drivers and capable vehicles with all the mods.

If the tracks were wet I would not have taken my vehicle out there.

See Grumpy’s post on the history of this run here :


Both Nickj and CPtmud have also posted on this area see their links


Trip Leader Grumpy TEC 4X4

Others in Trip BEK & Mrs BEK, Gunna & Son, Tracks & Insane

The weekend started on Saturday 27th with a trip to Moe to meet with Gunna for the ride into Otooles to meet with the rest of those staying there from earlier on in the week On the way in we saw another vehicle with a 4X4 Earth sticker on the car so as we were on the Thompson Dam wall utilising the last flushing toilet for the next day we caught up with the vehicle and their companion .

They were also heading into Otooles so joined the convoy in.

We arrived at Otooles and were met by the welcoming committee of Wildsurf, Croozer and the 3 boys, BradsCQ, 4X4, Tracks and Insane. Grumpy being tart he is was off at another camp site looking into a lap top support for the vehicle a guy had designed himself. (He tells me he expects to have the Grumpy lap top support model available for purchase in the next 6 months or so subject to any copyright issues :D)

Camp set up and lunch were followed by a run to have a look at some of the attractions around Toomdon including the mine relics, the cemetery and its now famous stairs, and Code’s for some of the people that hadn’t seen them before. We used the honour box system to purchase some of the local honey
Traveller and his family joined us in the afternoon

BBQ dinner was followed by a night talking near the camp fire for the boys and the girls set up court around the camp fire. An enjoyable night was had by all and Traveller was a wealth of stories once we got him warmed up.

Sunday morning saw most of us heading of the trip up around 6.30 to 7.00 with a view as to heading off at around 9.30am. There really isn’t a better breakfast than BBQ bacon and eggs when you are up in the bush with the sun rising and the wildlife beginning their days.

The convoy was ready to roll at just after 9 and we headed off from Otooles to White Star Track. One of the things clearly visible is the remarkable recovery of the bush after the bushfires but we also noticed the dense growth to the side of the tracks which may become a fire hazard later in the season as it dries outs.



We followed a couple more tracks till we reached McAlister’s flat a large camping ground along the McAllister River where we stopped for morning tea and to allow the vehicles to cool down before attempting the river crossing.


We had learnt from other drivers we had met on the track that the river was about hip height thought-out and coming to the crossing itself Grumpy, in consultation with the rest of the group, determined their advice was true and we chose the best line to cross given there were a number of larger rocks in the river.


The exit point had been chewed up pretty well and was now effectively only river sand so we would all need to stop and let all the river water drain before attempting the climb out so to avoid turning the river sand into wet and more unstable river sand.

Grumpy led with a spectacular drive up the exit track and now we had a winch to assist the any vehicle that became stuck and thus avoiding the chewing of the track any further. Two of the convoy utilised the offer and the last three capable vehicles with air lockers made it up the track without assistance




We left the river and up to the “helipad” where we received mobile phone coverage for the first time all day.


This is the other reason this is a difficult trip in that help is not a phone call away and therefore you must come fully prepared to get yourself out or at least have an alternative exit. One of the groups we had come across on the tracks had doubled back as two of their members were not prepared to do the river crossing and exit in their vehicles.

The motto of “When in doubt always back out” will ensure you all get home safely

"we then met up with nickj and his friends enroute close to the top, just before the helipad"

After the helipad we continued on a challenging tracks some of which were steep some not.



Eventually we arrived at a track known as the staircase easier to get down than up and even then i managed to flatten out my front recovery point on a large rock at the bottom of a ledge.



A view of Rossco's small tyres


Came back onto the bitumen and headed to small township for lunch. We noticed the affects of the floods two years ago and even the temporary bridge was still the on the side of the road that had provided the only access to the town when the bridge was washed away in the floods.


BBQ lunch and air up and we headed for home the long way via Glenmaggie Weir which appeared to be quite full. Even along this route we noted the river has either realigned itself or been realigned as a result of the floods


Stopped at Heyfield for a pie at the local bakery but it was closed so Insane had to settle for a large Blue Heaven thick shake.

Gunna led the convoy till his departure at Traralgon after showing us the remnants of the tree that had fallen on Robz 4B writing it off. Robz hope you bought a tatts ticket that day.:D

Grumpy took us into Morwell and the balance of the convoy headed back via the Princes Freeway for arrival at home at around 6pm.

Thanks to Grumpy for leading the trip and the winch assistance

Thanks to everyone for the great and friendly company for the weekend.
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Great trip report Bek.
Didn't bother with the tatts ticket, think we used up our luck being able to walk away from that tree.
Got another 4b, so hopefully we will see you all on the next trip.
Cheers Rob.


Great trip report BEK. I have posted the track file for Borgoynes Trk, it is just a little slow coming online. Must be problems with the site!

Cheers Rossco


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Great report BEK love the pics I wouldn't mind a copy of them for my files will catch up later, going away with Grumpy & family for a few day's fishing


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Great photos and report Bek , it is certainly great country . looks like a bit more water in the McAlister whih is good to see .


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Nice report and pics BEK.
What about "we met up with nickj and his friends enroute close to the top, just before the helipad"



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Nice report and pics BEK.
What about "we met up with nickj and his friends enroute close to the top, just before the helipad"


How could I forgotten to put something in on the highlight of the trip Nick

My humble apologies and the post has been rectified now




Terrific report BEK, Me thinks u covered the trip magnificantly again as usual, Good company always makes it a Joy on these trips.


More pics of Burgoynes

Just thought I'd better post something so here u are.
Pic1 Gunna negotiating the exit from McAlister river
Pic2 BEK crossing the river
Pic3 Insane, Tracks & Roscoe Coming down the Staircase
Pic4 Thumbs up from Gunna
Pic5 Insane crossing McAlister River


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Found some more pics of Burgoynes Trip.
Pic 1 BEK climbing the river bank
Pic 2 TRACKS making it to the top
Pic 3 Insane tracks and Roscoe coming down Burgoyne's
Pic 4 Tracks decending
Pic 5 Tracks again down Burgoyne's


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Some more Pics this time going in to O'Tooles
Pic 1 Quick snap of TRACKS doing river crossing at Beardmores Track
Pic 2 Roscoe and tracks in front Fultons Creek Track
Pic 3 Same again and me eating their dust so to speak
Pic 4 TRACKS going down Flat's Track


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