Bunyip Today


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Went to Bunyip to day, just me the partner and the dog, only had the Nissan for three weeks, after owning a 80series for 12 yrs from gas to a 4.2 Td Diesel it is certainly different style of driving. Had to use lower gears, went up Anderson's track in first gear, very wet but no wheel spin, got to the top turned right onto Blue Range Rd down past Bunyip Ridge Track and come to gate which was closed, did a u turn and decided to head back along Blue Range Rd to Beenak East Rd just to be on the safe side. Would like to go back again with backup vehicle, but i don't no if they could do to much if you got stuck half way up the track, very greasy when wet. And if you had another forby coming down the track it would be very hairy.


Hey mate,

So you liked the Patrol?

Just post in the forum next time you are heading out and you should find some mates to come along and drag you out of the mud when you start having too much fun :)



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Aha! Thats where winching techniques, ther are a few techniques that can get you out of some crap situations using multiple snatch block systems or at a pinch shackles although these are not kind to cables- some of these I haven't seen in any 'how to Articles', NECCESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION !
Re vehicles that may be around you or coming towards you, communications is a neccessity, unfortunately unlike the Simpson Desert where it requested of you to keep to a certain channel in certain regions. It is always smart to do a manual scan on the radio to see if anyone has their ears on , this is a bit time consuming but if you are a bit wary of the track conditions it is good practice. Quite a few clubs have their own preferred channel when out in the bush, the usual practice is for one of the party to have a second set tuned to the truckies channel ( 40 ) for exactly the purpose I am talking about.

Good Choice of vehicle by the way, low range in diesel, the engine braking aspects are unmatched .

You did the right thing , erring on the side of caution re tracks, IF IN DOUBT, DON'T is always smart.

Like James said, just let it be known on the forum, I'm sure some of the crew would be after any excuse to go bush even if it is just for the day.



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Hey Offspray,
What mods do you have on the Patrol? You did Anderson's on your own without wheelspin, that's pretty good going! I spent all day in Bunyip SP with the kids today, bit stuck to the main roads as I was on my own. Soon to put decent muddies on the pathy, so post a trip and we'll try to come along!


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Hey Offspray
The gate is closed due to repairs to the bridge under the powerlines. There is another closure but I can't remember where. Its on the Parks Website.



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Hey Every one, the mods on the GU are 2inch lift last week, Dobinsons springs and Lovels shocks, single draw system home made, duel batterys, digital gauge to moniter batterys, steel arb winch bar no winch and driving lights, back door table home made,UHF gme 5w hand held with car mount. next mods are 3inch exhaust, boost gauge. Cheers Rob.