Bullumwaal gold mining exhibition day


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Date; Sunday 11 March 2012.
Time; 10am-4.30pm.
Venue:Historic Bullumwaal hall.

What to expect.

Learn techniques and types of tools used by the experts to recover gold and gemstones.A photographic exhibition of local mining activities. Displays of local gold and gemstone.Displays of gold and gemstone recovery equipment. Displays of interesting mining and associated records collections Opportunity to have a go at gold panning.

Proudly hosted by the Prospectors and Miners Association of Victoria East Gippsland Branch.
All enquiries contact Colin Seaton on 5143 2442 or seaton08@bigpond.com


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Looks interesting.
Quick question..................are you one of the "harmonious trio" at the bottom of the PMAV Homepage???:D

Alien d2

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Right up my alley so to speak:)
BUT, I can't get there:mad:
It's the Sunday of the Labour day weekend and I'm co-hosting a Land Rover weekend so maybe next time if it's repeated.


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At this stage it looks like it will be held again in march 2014.
This years event was a great success.
Roughly 1000 people turned up on the day.
As a resident of the township it was great to see so many people taking such an interest in our history .

Its a pity our local council let us down once again with the condition of the Bullumwaal Rd.
They were notified prior to the event but as usual there was no effort on their behalf.