Buladelah Loop Track


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Howdy everyone. ive been told of a loop track near buladelah thats good for a day trip, has anyone got any idea where exactly it is or knows anything about it. or any other tracks up that area. would love to hear off anyone.


When are you planning to head there & will you be providing track notes & a trip report for this forum on your return?

I do have information on those tracks as of 2002.

You will need a GPS and a little research to join up the tracks named.

On Google Earth look for Gilbert's Trail at [ 152° 8.492'E 32° 20.716'S ]
This trail is reported to have a decent hill climb as you approach the top (you will need to look for it)

Other trails are Camp Trail [ 152° 7.525'E 32° 20.932'S ]

& Lees Creek Trail [ 152° 6.974'E 32° 23.147'S ]

Tracks were open as of 2002, can't vouch for Grade etc. now though.

Good luck & we look forward to reading your report on here soon ;)

& lots of pictures!! :D


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Thanks Grit, Il Suss Out That Info You Sent. I Heard About It Off A Work Mate Years Ago That I Dont See Anymore. Hope To Get Up There In The Next Month. Thanks Again