Building a Canopy


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Thanks for all that guys, I have started looking for pre made one.

Idealling I want something I can take on and off pretty quickly and leave packed so I can put on and go.

But have another development
I have a 2019 dual cab with a steel tray, my tray dimensions are 1780 between the lips and then 1680 long.
I have a friend who is giving away a steel canopy which is 1830 wide and 1910 long. I can lay so 20mm ply to build it up to the lip and so it sits flush throughout on it. But I'm curious about the 200 overhang at the back.

Obviously I would not load the back and would all be loaded at the front, Essentially exactly how I would load a 1600 canopy or a 1400 canopy. But will that be a problem long term with the overhang? It's a jack off so would only have it on for transport and would take it off at site and at home when I'm not camping. The remaining rear space would just be bags and other small things if anything. It's more canopies are expensive and if I can get this for free then awesome but if it will cause problems then I'll just keep looking.

I think it will be too big and too heavy. Go an alloy one and the correct length