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A native snail, if they come across an introduced, common garden type variety they will attack it and kill it. Death by slow motion, I have seen this happen, a most unusual site although I couldn't wait around too long as the fight takes forever to come to an end.

The black ones are native and so should be protected, not squished!

This is Victaphanta astramentaria a carnivorous snail native to Victoria, it's common name is the Gippsland Black Snail.

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They're cool little guys aren't they.
This one stood still in a wheel track of the CSR and didn't even twitch until I picked it up and placed it out of harms way a good ten minutes after spotting it.
After I put it down, it did that jerky walk thing that they do which I thought was the coolest thing I'd ever seen at the time. I got Jen out of the ute to see its funky walk, but when I tried to replicate what I'd done the first time, it just ran off like a regular lizard.
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A Golden Orb Spider, the Golden reference is to the colour of it's Orb (Web) The spiders themselves come in a variety of colours hence the confusion sometimes.

The male is just a fraction the size of the female (shown here) but he usually positions himself on the other side of the web, so he doesn't get eaten which often happens.



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Itchy grub caterplllars.....dont try this at home folks as the little buggers can cause painfull welts on your skin.....me ? I'm immune to 'em apparently.

Colorful Pilbara centipede.

Itchy grub roadtrain

Keep oneself amused, steer the front grub in a circle until it finds the arse end of the last grub and then there is a never ending circle formed.....cost John Hollands a fortune in lost productivity when we discovered this....lol.