Brolga Bits 2005 - 2018 JB / JT Suzuki Grand Vitara Front Recovery Points

G'day 4x4 Earthers. I thought you might be interested in a product I'm making - the only third generation Grand Vitara recovery points available in the world!

Brolga Bits 2005 - 2018 JB / JT Suzuki Grand Vitara Front Recovery Points - now available to order.

Suzuki Grand Vitaras are fitted out of the factory with tow/tie-down points for light road duty that are unsuitable and dangerous for use in a stuck offroad situation. Vehicles are damaged and people die every year in unsafe offroad recoveries. Minimise your chances of becoming a statistic with proper, engineered 4x4 recovery points.

These 4x4 recovery points are made from strong, thick 12mm steel - well and truly over-engineered, but you can't put a price on trust in a product that your life might depend on. They can be used for both winch and snatch recoveries. They have been tested to be accessible when a bullbar is fitted. They will fit all variants of the third generation Grand Vitara (sometimes referred to as NGV or GV3).

Each set of two 4x4 recovery points is supplied with all mounting hardware, fitting and usage instructions and an engineers report.

Price: $355.00 inc. GST (Australian deliveries) + delivery, $322.73 no GST (overseas deliveries) + delivery.

Pre-order now for dispatch in January 2020.

Order at:

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Thanks for your patience, and happy recovering!

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Well done and good luck with sales. Great to see another innovative Aussie company doing a world first.

Thanks for sharing
Thanks! The Grand Vitara community is so poorly serviced by the aftermarket and the big companies have largely ignored it. So it's exciting to be able to offer a proper recovery point solution completely made in Australia that'll transform how these cars can be used.