Brisbane to Birdsville to Uluru July 19

Hi All,
We are beginning the planning stage of a trip from Brisbane to Uluru via Birdsville and across the Plenty. Wondering what your experiences, routes, campsites that you have taken and recommend.

Three Families, towing off road campers. Basic Modifications to car, bull bar, winch. I myself have three kids and a EzyTrail Soft floor camper. I am a semi experienced off-roader.

Happy to hear your thoughts
Would you suggest going to Birdsville and or across to boulia. Birdsville isn't essential, the objective is eventually Uluru, exploring along the way


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The important thing with outback travelling is not to rush the trip. If you rush, you put stress on yourself and your vehicle. Always allow an extra day here and there to allow you to stop and have a look at things and not to push yourself or your vehicle to its limits.
You would make Mitchell easy from Brisbane on the first day, nice hot baths/pool for a relax. Charleville is imteresting. Windorah has a nice van park. Birdsville is worth the visit. You could even take a run out to Big Red if you had two nights there. Know a guy who drove Alice to Birdsville non-stop, bloody long way but was on a mission. Middlelton is worth a stop and a beer or even an overnighter at the “Hilton” across the road from the pub. Tobermoray has a nice grassed camp ground, stayed there a few times. Jervois Station also has a grassed camp ground but never stayed there. Gemtree has a cracker of a van park, stayed there and loved it. Google them and try to stay on one of their theme nights. Alice has heaps of camping options. You could go to the Rock via the West MacDonnells or the most direct route on the bitumen. Need a couple of days for the West MacDonnells and a day or two for the East MacDonnells. Kings Canyon is a must see. Kings Creek Station is nicer, in my opinion, than the resort.
Have fun


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Birdsville to Boulia, you'll pass two out of the only 3 stands of Waddy trees, an incredibly dense spiky Acacia.
At Birdsville you can drive out and test your 4wd dune driving skills at Big Red.


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exploring along the way
How much exploring? or are you planning on X-hundred klm per day? Are your children to be jailed in the back seats for hour after hour? or will you let them out on bail, every 2 to three hours?

yes, Mitchel is doable, 7 hours+ on the first day, but are the little natives going to revolt and not get back in jail on day 2? 3 families, so give and take amongst 3 tribes of restless Indians.
..... now back to the map, and exploration? Hang a left at Dalby out through Moonie [free camp with electricity] St George, Bollon [free camp on the river], Cunnamulla, Eulo - somewhere on the left just past somewhere there in the middle nowhere are Eulo's ''Mud Mounds'' natural vents from the artesian basin.

If you like dirt, after a cut lunch, turn right to Yowah Opal Fields, again free camping[or was at the time] then on to Toompine Pub one of the lesser known pubs in the middle of nowhere, not as famous as others, but well worth a visit. Continue on through some interesting 'Boulia Bolder' territory and pop out at Quilpie [B C Fing cold at night in winter] a lot more interesting than flying up the bitumen the other way round.

My opinion is there is a lot of interesting stuff to see in Qld even before reaching Birdsville, trips are formed around the well known iconic towns. I still use a paper map, if there is a line on it, lets go have a look see what there is to see and there is plenty of it.
It also pays to ask the locals, at the shop/petrol bowser what if anything is of interest in the area?

Have fun, take your time, and arrive home safe and sane. :D