Bridgestone Dueler D694LT


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Hi guys i know its been done to death but has anyone had any expierence with the Bridgestone Dueler D694LT??? Im chasing a good A/T that is good on road, but will be capable in the sand and the standard offroad tracks. Im also looking at the Cooper ATR's (LT).
If anyone has any feedback on these tyres that would be great, im looking at the Km's they get and how they perform. Any other suggestions would be great.

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Mate I've had the 694LTs on for about 10 months now on my 105 Cruiser. Great on road and seemed to handle the mud pretty well as well.
I did get stuck on a logging track back of Port Macquarie but that wasn't the tyres fault...just the nut behind the wheel...would have needed a set of Cat tracks to get out of the clay that day! All in all i'm happy with the LT694.


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I have had two blowouts with the standard duellers that come with the patrols with less than 50 KM on them - wouldn't trust them away from civilisation again , put my Cooper ST's on when going bush, am seroiously looking at Mickey Thompsons at the moment .

4WD Action has just done a comparo on tyres in the latest issue !


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265/70/16lt travelled normanton-roper bar nathan river rd, grr, part of binns track ,most roads in between, western explorer in tasmania 40k only down 1/3 on tread no chips no puntures tyre pressure the key factor get it right longer life for your rubber.

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I tried these mainly due to the tread design and their price, seem to work well off road but squirm with some noise on the black top. Had a piece of wood pierce a tyre :eek:on the third outing, but price v cons makes them pretty good.


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Check out the Maxxis 751, friend has over 100,000KM on them and done many dirt tracks and beach trips.