Brewery Creek and Basalt Knob Tracks

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Has anyone done Brewery Creek and Basalt Knob tracks lately and if so, what are they like (standard, condition etc)?


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Drove from talbotville to bluerag a couple of weeks ago using basalt south, Richie road and basalt north. Basalt south was steep and rocky close to talbotville as per normal with some low range needed but nothing worse than its ever been. Fine in the dry and a little tricky in the wet potentially depending 9n your vehicle.
Richie road fine and graded after the fires. Views are amazing on parts where the fires were.
Basalt knob hut burnt down and the wreckage of the railcar was still there
Basalt north has been graded and realigned in spots after the fires. Little steep in spots but nothing crazy. No real trouble with. More amazing views here as the fires burnt really hot. Not much had started coming back. Was nuts to see. Hundreds of trees down on the hills.
Didn't do brewery creek so can't comment on that one sorry.

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Thanks Skurfer. I gave Basalt South Track a crack but started to struggle. It was going to be a challenging one to get up due to a very loose surface.
We felt that it would be a bit too difficult for some in our party, so we played it safe and ended up doing Brewery Creek Track instead which was very easy.