Brakes need replacing after 12000kms


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Well where do i start ,i just bort a new toyota hilux ute its diesel has arb air lockers, old man emu 2" lift suspension, cooper mud tyres, snorkel spoties most of the good bits i purchased the 4wd new thinking i would have minimal trouble for a few years at least, YER WRONG I took the car in for its 10000 km service and gave a list of troubles with the car including - clutch shuttering, hand brake not working properly and the lockers not always turning on properly. After much arguement with toyota they replaced the clutch under warranty, they told me the rear drum brakes need new shoes and machining and new cylinders as a pre-cautionery measure they also went on to say it wont be covered under warranty because they found sand in the brakes and thats what caused it i have been to fraser island twice a total of ten days and have done nothing extreme just your normal tracks just like every one else. I have always washed the car but i have never pulled the wheels and drums of and then cleaned the brakes is this normal practise if anyone could help me with this i would be very grateful.. the car was also sent back to arb and i was told the lockers were replaced and there was a problem with the diff i pick the car up on tuesday so dont no the full story on that yet .... look forward to any help.


You mentioned that the handbrake wasn't working properly. This is going to be due to the rear brakes and the shoes being buggered. If anything gets into a drum, example sand, it will take a toll on the linings.

If your playing in deep sand or constantly bogging the rear, you could have sand get it. Cleaning the rear drums generally speaking, shouldn't be required, but if the sand isn't getting out, then you've got problems.

If sand gets into a drum, they are normally slightly noisier than usual. You can often hear it.


Thats what our work vehicles get all the time (10,000kl) but their constantly in mud and crap all the time and never get washed properly.