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Bornholm Beach January 2018

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by RainmanWA, Feb 21, 2018.

  1. RainmanWA

    RainmanWA Member

    Here is a short video on a recent trip down to the south west of WA over the Christmas/New Year break. For those that don't know, Bornholm Beach in West Cape Howe National Park has a reputation for being one of the hardest beaches to get off in Australia.

    While I didn't have any problems, some of the lesser experienced in our group of 11 vehicles found it a bit of a challenge, and along with a couple of mechanical issues it turned out to be a long day, taking 6 hours to get back to where we had aired down earlier.

    Not seen on the video are the various attempts by some of our group to get off the beach, snatching a Hilux out of a ditch with a rolled tyre and bent suspension components and pushing a P platers Hilux that only had drive to the front wheels up the hill, only to discover he had a winch after lots of swearing and cursing, not to mention sweating.

    It was one of those days that will be talked about around the campfire for some time.
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  2. darb

    darb Well-Known Member

    Lots of hard looking tyre pressures?

    Looks like fun, nothing 3rd low, mid revs, and 12psi can't handle :) (though I'm in a 1GRFE petty so it tends to be forgiving for sand)
  3. RainmanWA

    RainmanWA Member

    I think everyone was 15psi or lower, but the first Hilux you see going up the hill insisted on pumping up to 25psi as soon as he completed the part you see in the video. Needless to say he only went another 10 metres before he was bogged and had to air down again.

    The kid in the Hilux held everyone up for about an hour while we got him out the way (Bank of Dad was coming to his rescue), so there was a group waiting to go up the track and a group waiting to come down.

    The group at the top included a rather irate South African (apologies to any South Africans reading this) who got on the two way and let it be know that he had done the track more time than any of us had had hot dinners, and the only way to get off the beach was 12psi or lower, and if you were any higher you were wasting your time and his. I was tempted to tell him I made it off at 15, but thought that might wind him up even more. To his credit he got back on the two way and apologised once he found out what was going on.
  4. darb

    darb Well-Known Member

    lol UHF rage.

    As to airing back up WHY do people do that? I have even had my own mates who want to air up at the end of each day... to drive a veryt small distance around town on a week long stay at a coastal town (where the majority of our driving is offroad beach tracks for daily beach visits / surfing etc)

    I've had distant friends do it at CAMP ... so the next day they are already aired up, even though they need to drive 10km of tracks to get out camp lol

    Most my holidays I air down to my same old 14psi at the start of trip and dont air up again until its time to do 110km/h and drive home.

    Heck i'll drive 30km happily on 14psi , doing 80km/h ... stuff airing up just for that.

    Never had an issue with tyres at all
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  5. 80lover96gxl

    80lover96gxl Moderator

    Cool vid, looks like a fun drive and good fishin beach.
    Thanks for sharing.
  6. Julian

    Julian Member

    Hello RainmanWA, interested to know what day in Jan you were down there. I went out there for a look on the 5th in Jan, and the hill was dry as chips n no other marks on the hill or beach. dry sand had blown in n covered the hill so down to 10psi.
    Been there 15 odd times over the years in albany and difficulty varies alot ay. lost a patrol to a freak wave on the high side of the beach one trip. good beach for throwing a scare into new 4wders :D

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  7. RainmanWA

    RainmanWA Member

    We were there on the 30th December, so a few days before you. Another rumour associated with Bornholm is the local farmer charges $1000 per vehicle for recoveries, sounds like you may know if its true?
  8. Julian

    Julian Member

    I havent ever confirmed the amount but hav heard it is 500-1000 that the spud farmer there charges if he had to rescue a 4by from bornholm....he puts a sign up for channel 32 at the start of the track usually.
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