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Hi all.
I am after any current info on the Border Track. We are looking at going during the next school holidays in September. Also if anyone else is interested then please let us know.


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Border track is great for a 2 day run. Plenty of sand, dunes & easy track from Pinnaroo down to Red Bluff camp. Then plenty of mud ( assuming they have had rain lately ) from there to the end of the track. There are also chicken tracks around all the bog holes. I have a mate that went there last weekend ( 1/9 ) and he said it is dry. Great scenery & camping. Don't go alone.


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My brother and I traveled the Border Track from Pinnaroo to Bordertown a couple of years ago - camping at Pine Hut and Red Bluff. Our Subaru Foresters had no great trouble, even though some tracks had become quite scalloped. We did, however, bypass the largest dunes after coming across a couple of larger vehicles who had turned back. Being Easter, there was quite a few vehicles on the track.
Not sure if my reply will be too late for you - would be great to hear how you went.



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gday me and my cousin went there 3 weeks ago was a good trip heading there again in a few weeks. plenty of mud and 4x4 swollowing ruts full of mud heaps of sand only 2 biggish dunes nuthing to hard tho great weekend out in the scrub. let us no how u went. heres a pic of my triton on top of the dune down from the red bluff


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