Body wipes


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Have just returned from State Parks and the the Border Track (sort of). 4 days with no water hence no shower etc
Asked my wife if she could get me large baby wipes approx the size of a handkerchief or bigger for future trips
The largest size she could find thru the local food chains were 19.5cm x 17 cm
Does any one know where to purchase larger size wipes?


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A cheap teatowel? hand towel? one them new fangle lightweight towel thingies that look like they not soak up squat, and a 500ml or 1L bottle of water ..... 9 ways to skin a cat ? :cool:


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When water has to be conserved, I use a bunnings 2l weed spray pump bottle as a shower. It works a treat and you'd be amazed how far 1l of water goes in a fine spray.