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Im in abit of a pickle with my rodeo, I’ve done a fair few mods and a fault I wasn’t meant to encounter has reared it’s ugly head. My steering shaft is fouling the turbo. Has anyone found a good cure for this? I’m looking down the route of cutting the steering shaft as it comes o the bulkhead and shortening it and extending the intermediate shaft as I’ve heard it described.

I’m running a 50mm body lift on a 2011 “isuzu” rodeo with the 3l turbo and auto box, 2 inch hangers aswell.

my current “cure” was to take the heat shield off the turbo and fine a chamfer on the casting to enable me to move it to and from my house.
thanks in advance


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Would be easier to put the correct turbo on it, it's not even legal to think about cutting steering components on this side of the pond so I'm not sure how much input you going to get on cutting and shutting intermediate shaft.
Unfortunately yesterday turned into a blur of plasma cutting welding and grinding and I didn’t even get close to my truck till gown 10pm, just nipped to her tHis morning to get some photos and top up the screen wash. She’s due a bath today too.

so the shaft comes out the bulkhead and fouls on the turbo before the knuckle, I’ve taken a file to the turbo and removed the heat shield to get her moving could my engine mounts be sagging and causing this, if so are there any “raised mounts” to give the engine a inch or two lift. Looking at it mind it’d be a cut and weld the chassis job which I’m not a fan of.


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Were do you use your vehicle over there?
Over here around a 2 inch lift of any kind including tyres is about all your allowed outside of private land & most of us find that's fine.


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Would having the turbo sit a little higher have the exhaust housing further away? It's a bit of a horrible spot because that motor also tourqes to that direction under load, a broken engine mount could render you with no steering ability.

I presume this is all come about because of the body being moved up? I'm guessing it would clear otherwise.
Half of it is about the look, but for me every inch helps, where I live we get bad floods through the year. Plus I bought tyres that are too big and fouled the arches on full articulation because I’m an absolute bum end
yes it’s put me in abit if a pickle, only due to the body lift. I’m thinking it’s worth fitting new mounts as a precaution and seeing if they’re tired causing my issue. Absolute worst case I’ll be removing the body lift


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Remove the body lift, you will spend money doing 101 other things and then in the end you'll pull the rubbish body lift out anyway. Not sure how you rationalize that it will help you in flooded situations as it is lifting the body and none of the mechanicals which are more likely to be an issue if submerged, being a diesel of course these are not issues in any event.
My fear is how low the ecu sits I’ve got breathers for diffs and tranny relocated, ecu is strapped to body, and I like having dry feet too. I think I’m going to have to take a long tea break and stare at it


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Honestly if the water is that deep you should really be considering whether you're safe driving in the first place, it's not worth thousands of dollars or hundreds of hours to make something work just so it looks good.


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My fear is how low the ecu sits I’ve got breathers for diffs and tranny relocated, ecu is strapped to body, and I like having dry feet too. I think I’m going to have to take a long tea break and stare at it
not sure it will help with your turbo clearance but you can get steering shaft extensions for older isuzus specificaly for larger bodylifts. do a search on
So I spent a bit of time looking and thinking about the truck and I’ve sanded the turbo down a fraction more and installed new engine and tranny mounts which has lifted the engine about a half inch. They were very tired indeed I’m hoping it won’t settle to much but it bolonger rattles which is nice