Blowering dam Tumut


Hi everyone,

I am going to camp at blowering dam tumut for only one night as i am working all easter.
Departure, 1-4-21 returns 2-4-21. Anyone want to tag along let me know.


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Lucky bugger....i used to stay above talbingo on the creekline....excellent area..get in early...lots of tent citys up there during busy times but heaps of space...
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I haven't looked recently but when I planned on camping there in January access to Blowering Dam foreshore was closed. This was due, apparently, to bushfire damage and the threat of trees collapsing.

The State Forests website still has this notice active, so worth checking if it's now open. We ended up camping elsewhere in Bago SF which worked out ok. We had a riverside camp but were smarmed with mozzies.