Bleeding clutch and slave holden colorado 2008

Frist time posting.. in here but wanting to find out the best way to get all the air out of the master and slave on a holden colorado 2008
we are getting a pedal and can get 1st and some what 2nd but i have a feeling there is still air in the system these are
a pain in the rear to bleed to get the air out i have tried different ways just wondering if any one else has had this same problem before
with these utes ...


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How have you bled it?
Bleeding the master end, then the slave end, leaving it over night for any air to rise to the highest point and bleeding it again can work.

Another way is getting a 20 or 50cc syringe, fill it with fluid and use that to push fluid in through the slave cylinder up to the master cylinder or suck the fluid the other way with the syringe.

Have a good look at the fire wall too, we had a Rodeo work ute and thought it had a dodgy clutch, but found it was a cracked firewall that was flexing, rather than allowing full pedal travel.

My experience is from bleeding motorbike bike brakes, some of them can be a real pain.