Bit of a trip today - Caroona Conservation Pk


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Well, I originally went for just a short explore, turned out to be around 500k's and 8 hours or so. Ended up near Mt Bryan, not sure if I found it or not, got sidetracked through a gate and up a 4wd only road that went through a bit of a gorge and eventually went up to a summit overlooking Caroona . There was a little abandoned town and a few bits that I missed near Mount Bryan due to me being sidetracked, will have to go back next time. Had a look at the various bits in the park, left through another exit past the 'old shed' then got really lost due to Google Maps, haha, it took me out the back of no-where on some random farm tracks. After making it back to some random road and heading south for ages I made my way down to Worlds End for a bit of a play on the little hill climbs and little tracks. Not bad for a random Sunday and half a tank of diesel.

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