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We used to have heaps of different birds at our old place near Goulburn NSW. Gang Gangs used to love the Geebung trees that grew at our place. We had Bower birds that had a practice bower set up in the large conifers in our front yard. The juvenile males would pinch pegs from the line and practice their ritual in the front garden. Many people are unaware that the Black Satin Bowerbird starts his life the same green colour as the females. They don't start to change their colour till they are about 8 years of age. You can tell a male though even when he's young because they have blue eyes. The females eyes are brown. We had so many different bird varieties it was hard to keep count of them all. Several different Honey-eaters, Black Cockatoos with the yellow tails, Black cockatoos with the red tail, Magpies, heaps of different finches, and several birds that would drop in while migrating like red and yellow robins. The one's with all the personality though had to be the King parrots that used to visit most days. We have now moved to the South Coast near Batemans Bay and happily still have a few birds dropping by. Not quite the variety we had but still nice to see.
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I hate wind farms , the conara virus destroying the landscape.
yeah have to agree ,theres a heap going in at Granville harbour Down here
absolute shocker.
We should cut the cable going to the mainland and just run on hydro for tassie.
We would save 20 million a year rent on the cable
there is enough water in our dams for Tassies needs
they melted the cable last time getting greedy draining the dams selling to the mainland