BillyGoat app project reveal


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It’s a shame to see so much bad will among mud map customers. I bought a majority share in Equibs solutions P/L (mud map) and as new management, I see this as my responsibility and have the desire to make things right.

First of all, I want to apologise for launching BillyGoat before in this way. I now understand how the promotion must have looked from the perspective of mud map customers. I’m glad you guys have raised these issues as it gives us an opportunity to address them.

What would you guys suggest as a way forward?
Mate it is pretty hard to find a way forward with the history you have. There are others in the market that in it for the long haul and they don’t treat their clientele the way you have.
Personally I have trouble believing that you would not have been aware of the bad blood surrounding this company before making an investment


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Ryan, you started this post with commentary that you have been working on Software for years and started this project. Not a peep about Mud Map. But there is a lot more to the story, and lots of customers who have been burned more than once by Mud Map.

Yet the truth comes out through one member's ( Cyberess) research that you are Mud Map. You were sprung before fessing up.

For you to be taken seriously I think you need to get a lot of credibility back. If you did buy Mudmap, surely you did the due diligence and know the multiple complaints over many years. They are all over forums, the Mud Map web site, and reviews on Play and the apple store ( that someone recently took down)
Perhaps answering these questions can help potential costomer's understand your situation

Were you part of Mud Map in any way previously?
Does the previous owner have any equity or say in the business?
What relationship do you have with the previous owner?
Why is the company still registered at Austposts head office where the previous owner works?
What is the difference between Mud Map and the product you say is new?
What will the Upgrade path and pricing model?
Are Ryan Hampton and Li Xia the same person?
Your vimeo page says you rely on Mudmap., and web sites like this say the product is by Mudmap.

If you genuinely did buy the business with no knowledge of the history, I wish you the best of luck, I'm no lawyer, but generally when a company is sold the business owes people money, not the previous owner. Prepare for a barrage of refunds or complaints.

The market does need a new, fresh map. Not on Open Street Maps though for god's sake, that has been overdone and is useless in remote areas. Charging for a repackaging of a free, unreliable map is not a great product for customers.

Good luck if you are genuine. I can't help thinking you are disingenuous though based on your posts and the facts.

Just take a look at your first post below.

1)You mention every brand of Commercial GPS mapping except one. Seriously? You never tried Mud Map but bought the company?
2)You are going to introduce IOS first then Android. Coincidently the same as Mud Map version 3
3)You say you want to make it free to use. But on the Appstore, it is listed as $27.49 every 6 months. The publish dates of 'Free' here, and 'not free' on apple are within 30 days of each other. Which is right?

It's not looking good. Buyer beware as they say.

Over the years, I've used most GPS products, inc ozi on a laptop, a few Garmins, and hema, memory map on the ipad more recently. They all have their strengths and weaknesses in terms of mapping support and features. e.g. ozi is really powerful but has a steep learning curve, where as garmins are easy to use but lack mapping.

I'm a software engineer by trade so I decided to start my own part-time project on ios back in 2015. Its now at a stage where major features are in place. Once its fully baked, my intention is to release it as free to use so its widely accessible to everyone. Assuming the community likes it, I will consider an Android resease as well SNIP
Edit ..Ryan, not Richard.
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My first thought back in the first post was it sounded like mudmap. Especially after the app wasn’t on the apppstore
I also lost money but then just moved to Hema
And don’t start me on vms

I won’t be buying billygoat
My first thought back in the first post was it sounded like mudmap. Especially after the app wasn’t on the apppstore
I also lost money but then just moved to Hema
And don’t start me on vms

I won’t be buying billygoat
Funny that I've bought this up in the past and was told there's nothing wrong with the app and there backup is great, what issues did you have...

Sorry I guess I'm getting you started lol


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I ended up with 2 of them somehow via 4wd action promos (or whatever it was back in the day)
From the point of view of accuracy I found mine to be about 10 m off accurate
The charging pin kept breaking and I had lots of issues with updates
I think the fact that the whole thing wiped itself the night before a trip and back then updates were sent by snail mail on a card didn’t help my impressions

Life may be different now of course

I’ll stick with my Hema Explorer app on my iPad

Oh and did I mention my paper maps?



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Does anyone know where Rhampton got to? I notice recent updates to the Billy Goat app pages.

Did he ever address the issues with users that he promised?
As a fellow Dissatisfied Mud Maps Customer also onto my third version currently MM3, are we going to be hung out to dry with the next IOS Update?????????????
I think I already know the answer...
It is such a shame, as it could of been such a great product.