Big Rocks


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Here's some rather large rocks in riverbed taken from Len Wanke bridge , at the base of Mt Baw Baw .
I always find them interesting , as to some places where you see them , its like how did it end up here ?
Mother Nature is pretty powerful I guess when it wants to be :)
And don't pull any This isn't a rock this is a Ayers Rock stuff on me . lol ;)
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That's a beautiful area up there Spooner , there are a few creeks running off Baw Baw and they have some surprisingly big trout in them . It's hard going to get into most of them but I guess that's why the trout do well in them.


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Sawn Rocks in Mt Kaputar National Park, NSW. Formed as lava from the Nandewar Volcano cooled around 20 million years ago. Lot of this type of rock in my area but this is the best example. Some of the larger coulombs laying at the bottom are around 2 meters across.
Wow !


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Rocks are cool....or maybe I just need to get a life??

I agree, its mind boggling sometimes when you think HTF did that get there....
We reckon they are pretty cool as well , where we live now all the surrounding hills and made up of Granite & Quartz Rocks.
Makes you wonder how they were formed , and why they ended in in one big pile here or there across the flat plains .



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When you take into consider the formation of granite and where it is now geographically in relation to the sea now, it's pretty mind blowing to think it was once under the sea and just how things have changed geographically.


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Makes you wonder how they were formed
No expert on the subject but was told that Granite was formed by "bubbles" of magma rising up through the crust & then cooling. Similar to a Lava Lamp. The softer rock around them erodes over time leaving the Granite "bubbles" stacked or balanced on each other on the surface.