Big River to Woods Point


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Hi All,

Been watching this website from a far for a while and have decided to take the leap and join in ... looks like some (most) of you have a ball in your 4bies.

We're looking to go up to the Big River State Forest in Oct, camp by the river (somewhere) on a Sat arvo, drop the line in, sink a few cold ones and then head off in the morning, either to Woods Point or up to Mt Terrible.

All cars are pretty stock: XJ Cherokee, GQ Patrol and a Fronterra (which does amazingly well!!)

We have the Big River - Rubicon - Woods Point Rooftop map and have spoken to the Marysville DSE Ranger, who assures us the main roads are all ok.

So, other than any "Closed" or MVO tracks, I'm just wondering if there is any place / tracks that we SHOULDN'T go on, given the vehicles we have.



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Big River Road from either Warburton or Marysville is gravel sealed and apart from some potholes a 2wd should be able to do it.Camp sites in order are:

Stockmans Reward (The busiest as it is the first and most with trailers/caravans stop here Pit toilets

The next is the best Frenchmans about 5 k's further along again drop/pit toilets Best spot is at the rear of the site.

If these are full there are a couple of others further along. 25 miles site is isolated no creek frontage but I will stay here when the idiots are loose as you can only get 3 to 4 tents in here. This is 40k's (hence 25 mile camp ground) from where the road starts. Need to be self sufficient here.

The trip to Woods Point is back via Big River Road given your weakest b\vehicle capabilities and through Matlock. Woods Point is a very pretty town but be aware no longer has any fuel.

A1 Mine is a place to visit and you should have a good time in October Enjoy


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G'day & welcome have you checked the dse web site it will advise of any track closures.


Depends on the time your traveling watch out for log trucks, they use UHF radios to communicate, they don't muck around so it pays to know where they are and what their Doing. there are signs on trees or posts telling u which channel to be on.


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Thanks everyone for your input. We had a great weekend. No one got stuck or damaged their vehicles. We did see plenty of trees, some massive, blown over however, so please take care if you're heading into this area.
Entering from the Warburton end, we stayed on Big River Road, then Dane Spur Track all the way to the Pines camp ground where we stayed Sat night. An easy run due to graders :(
Sunday we went up to Mt Terrible. Very misty so no views of Buller. Traveled on to Corn Hill where there was still some snow, then came home via Corn Hill Road / Boundary Track. Crossed Frenchmans Creek at Boundary Track, which was running pretty hard. Unfortunately, the rest of Boundary Track up to Frenchmans Spur Track was too much for the Frontera, so we returned through the F'mans Creek again (!) and tried our Plan B, F'mans Creek Track, only to find a massive / size of small house tree across that option so ended up doubling back along Boundary back up to Big River Rd just before Big Bend Creek, then home.
Great weekend. Some VERY challenging short cuts (that we avoided) are up there (on Boundary Tk especially) for those better set up than us.
Thanks again.