Big haul hand winch.


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G'day all,
I'm making some room in the garage and I came across this hand winch that I bought ages ago, but have never used, so it has to go.
It's a Big Haul brand, model RVBH16 with a 1.6 ton lifting and 2.5 ton pulling capacity.
The winch is in excellent condition, being stored in a bag since new, and the cable has never been removed from the original spool. It might as well be brand new.

I bought a Mean Mother storage bag for it and it has a pocket along the side to store the 2 piece handle (with some stick out). The second bag was purchased to store the cable, but the original spool doesn't fit inside. If the cable was wound up in a circle shape, it would probably fit in the bag, but I haven't tried yet.
The instruction manual and test certificate are also included with it.
These retail new for over $700, here is one web page example

This unit can be yours for $500. Pick up only from Batemans Bay, with COD or direct bank transfer.
IMG_20210318_152346 small.jpg
IMG_20210318_152407 small.jpg
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If you have any questions, please feel free to ask away.
Thanks for looking,