Big Desert trip Nov 25th, 26th, 27th


Drove in via firebreak track then old Murrayville Rd track, with the trailer no dramas with tyre pressure low. Have set up in the main camping area about 50 metres from toilet block plenty of sites for all, many with tables and seats. Had to nip back to Pinnaroo for some stuff.


Drove in via firebreak and Old Murrayville Rd tracks. Was slow going but no dramas. Have set up basecamp about 50 metres north of toilet block. Plenty of room for all many sites with outdoor settings.


Google maps gives Nhill to big Billy bore via Murrayville road 3hrs 21min for 100 ks !!! Maybe if you were riding a push bike!
Normally about 1.5 tops, last time just over 2 hours with the camper because it was like an ice skating rink after heaps of rain:eek:o_O
Got to camp, pitch black and the camper had 2 inches of mud over the whole thing, spent 20 minutes washing the worst off with a water bottle before setting it upo_O
Talk about testing a mans sense of humour:)

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we will be leaving sometime early Saturday morning after I get back from Nhill just need directions or lat lont for big billy bore and will meet you there will be new pajeros frist off road trip keen to see how it goes.

Shane, depending on time you get away, we might see you in camp anyway ??
I doubt we'll be organised enough with 12 vehicles to get going until say around 0930, so if you get away in time, I reckon you might be 3-1/2 hrs or so with a quick fuel stop ?
Otherwise, look for a note with directions on that picnic table in Ceejays pic, we'll leave the plan out there on the table under a rock or something for you.

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My plan, get away from southern subs about 1400, should be going by that Nairne rest stop (8ks past Mt Barker overpass) by about 1445, so if anyone is thinking they'll be around there that time, happy to drop in and meet up, say depart there by 1500 sharp.

(I will only drop in there if someone wants to meet up.)

Otherwise, I'll be ambling up the Mallee Hwy, so keep an eye out / ear out (ch 10).


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Ill be working the morning so might meet you there, ill send you a text when i know what time. Hopefully ill get going a bit earlier but will see!


Prado Dave maybe joining Wayne and myself for up run to BD but cant confirm till later tomorra.

Great to have you guys coming over Matt and Luke for some fun in the sand.


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Really blessed with no mobile coverage at camp, hey.
I apologize for being slightly off topic before I even start so if that bothers you please read no further.
A couple of years back a mob of us mexicans headed off to Mud Bulls and Music with about a 50/50 mix of blokes and shielas. The girls had all been warned that there was not going to be any mobile phone coverage and they were all cool with this even the teenage girls. A few minutes after arrival and before the first tinny was finished I noticed all the women folk having a serious conversation with alarmed looks on their collective faces so I inquired as to what the problem might be? "FACE BOOK ISN'T WORKING??" was the reply I got so I said "but we told you there was no mobile phone coverage", "WELL YOU DIDN'T TELL US BOOK FACE WOULDN'T WORK". It took a lot of convincing them that book face used the cellular phone system, we were still in a lot trouble for not explicitly saying face book would not work either. The women even resorted to piling into a car and heading into town so that they could keep abreast of what was happening in the real world.

Those offended people can start reading again from below this line.

Have fun you lucky Earther's
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That's right where we camped a little while back, great spot.
Have fun guys, am mighty jealous!