Big Desert trip Nov 25th, 26th, 27th


Turns out there is coverage from the top of a dune opposite the start of delisio tk.


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I apologize for being slightly off topic before I even start so if that bothers you please read no further.
A couple of years back a mob of us mexicans headed off to Mud Bulls and Music with about a 50/50 mix of blokes and shielas. The girls had all been warned that there was not going to be any mobile phone coverage and they were all cool with this even the teenage girls. A few minutes after arrival and before the first tinny was finished I noticed all the women folk having a serious conversation with alarmed looks on their collective faces so I inquired as to what the problem might be? "FACE BOOK ISN'T WORKING??" was the reply I got so I said "but we told you there was no mobile phone coverage", "WELL YOU DIDN'T TELL US BOOK FACE WOULDN'T WORK". It took a lot of convincing them that book face used the cellular phone system, we were still in a lot trouble for not explicitly saying face book would not work either. The women even resorted to piling into a car and heading into town so that they could keep abreast of what was happening in the real world.

Those offended people can start reading again from below this line.

Have fun you lucky Earther's

This from a few trips ago the women all praying to the telco gods.


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