Big Desert Touring Route


I found Big Desert pretty hard to plan a trip though, without having been there before its hard to know what the sand and tracks will be like. This is the route I came up with for our first trip there and I put together a video documenting the difficulty of the tracks we drove and the campsites we stayed at.

Maps Route -


Night 1 - Schulzes Beach, Lake Hindmarsh

Night 2 - Stockman's Campground

Night 3 - Western Beach, Lake Albacutya

Night 4 - Snowdrift Picnic and Camping Area

John U

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Sorry, was mid edit. Mallee Drive was the track notes/map I was trying to show you. Takes in Murray Sunset and Big Desert.

Last trip I did was mid year 2021. The salt lake at the south of Murray Sunset was a mindblower. The advantages of not researching a destination in too much detail.