between a rock and hard place.


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Hello, long time no chat--- been lost :lol:
I have an old 2002 Kia manual Sportage that suits my needs even considering some limitations
4x4 to me is security. I use it to get me out of trouble (mostly outback sand) ; NOT into trouble when poking around the bush with the cameras . When I use the little gear stick I ask myself "do I need to be here; or there" and the answer is always NO!!. Generally don't do a lot of driving these days and glad I did most of my poking around many years ago.
With a worn/buggered gear box bearing I need to consider fixing the box ($$$??) or replacing the Kia -- I have found a used box; with 3 month warranty at $1000 -plus removing the old and fitting the new --- a new one is $7K :eek: The Kia is still drivable --- only hear the bearing in 4x4

Now the questions? -- what could I replace the Kia with? There is now bugga all softer real 4x4s around . Modern and even older 4x4 SUV are laughable imo; always have been. Would prefer a wagon; not a bloody truck. A good /better than average suv would likely do .
Dollars ?? What ever I guess . Don't want to buy another vehicle . Was hoping my next one would be a footpath go-cart :lol:
I could always borrow my son's toy (below) but then it doesn't get into tight parking spots like the kia-- cannot get in maccas LOL

Sorry for the very broad inquires but I would appreciate I few directions to look at -- I'm totally lost to be honest. There are no vehicles at all on my wish list.


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If your happy with the Kia overall just fix the auto, keep some extra coin put away for extra repairs over the next few years and keep it, way cheaper than sinking more into another 2nd hand car that might also cost extra over the next 5 years.
Whats an upgrade to a newer 4x4 going to cost? 10-15k?
A lot of repairs and preventative maintenance can be paid for with that much


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Whats an upgrade to a newer 4x4 going to cost? 10-15k?
A lot of repairs and preventative maintenance can be paid for with that much
Tend to agree. car has done its lifetime of work... just as likely that other bits are ready to call it quits. Not good if it strands you somewhere out of town

Strangley my son had the same car and it was going ok ... but a burst hose damaged the engine. It sat in his carport for about a year and only got rid of about a fortnight ago to a bloke with a tilt tray truck for $50.


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Many thanks for the sensible suggestions . The suzuki is a good thought; not sure about xtrail but will look into it. My 93yo mother has something like that but in 2wd
Fixing/Keeping/fixing does make sense although parts are getting harder to find. The other positive is I will have more time to find something else -- used cars all seems a bit crazy atm.
My Kia is one of those cars I would very unlikely buy at any price; however I do know and still trust the gutless wonder to get me home. Only let me down once with a split radiator and even then I was able to get home once stumpy (son) delivered more water .

2017 photo beside the Murray River above the hume dam when I took a short detour on the way home(MIldura :( ) after going to southern Qld :lol:.
It was as cold as it looks; colder actually !! That's why a like 4x4; I can poke into places like that (often rougher) and know I can get out. Same goes for needing to pull off the road for a photo. Needed 4x4 a few times doing that and I would think a 4x4 suv would still be there

The Murray River is far better and cleaner up that way when compared to around here (Mildura).
BTW; very very dry around here with no rain since a wet january -- I'm certainly not going for a wander in Sunset NP ;)
Thanks for your help, but still a bit stuck between a rock and a slightly softer hard place


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:lol: started this 29 april -- and just sort of sorted :lol:
You may need a coffee or stronger -- sorry
OK; apparently the gear box is replaced but I have not driven or seen the kia since booking in about 6 weeks ago to swap gear boxes.
The day after leaving the car I received a phone call asking for a spare key as it wouldn't start ! Spare key made NO difference.
Since then I have been a mushroom apart from a phone call asking if they could take the car the Kia dealership --- receive a text from the dealership say it was booked in 15 june --- I phone for an estimate cost which was $150
And that was the last I heard from anyone . I didn't even really know where the car was!!

In the meantime I looked (online) at a 2013 Vitara but decided against it until my son really looked into it and convinced me to buy . Big problem was the 1000 ks north of Gosford nsw . Trucking it to Mildura about $1000 (??) . So we left here in the Stumpies Red Monster at 4.30 am last Saturday ; paid for the car about 12.5 hours later .
Stumpy bolted back home and monday went to my mechanic to see WTF was going on. As he walked in the door they were actually leaving me a message to say the Kia was ready -- $1050. was given an estimate of $400-$500 although I would have paid $600

So now I have a Vitara; and a Kia worth bugga all even after just spending $2000 !!
Would still prefer the $16,000 in the bank and the old kia but I'm not going back now .

Will start another thread about bloody mud tyres; the reason I originally stepped back from buying.

at Goulburn river east of Echuca
Road trip 2206  202 w.jpg

Thinking about it :lol: (no; I didn't
Road trip 2206  211 w.jpg
Road trip 2206  431-2 w.jpg

Will now have to think more about colour balance now I have white 4x4 --- that's photography talk ;)


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It's auto BTW ; would prefer manual
using a little more petrol than the Kia :( --- Kia 1ltr to 10 kms / Suzuki 1 ltr to 7-8 kms .
Bloody muddies to be replaced asap


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You will only have one sleepness night sorting out the white balance, after that you'll have a lot of fun in that little Zuke.


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NO WAY !!! You are too close to those unhealth people causing all the dramas :lol:
Besides; using the raw file fixed it.:p
Glad we went over to Gosford last week --- but I still didn't breath going through the western suburbs

Training Uki to be patient while Boof dog shows me the better camera angles
P1130027 w.jpg

but that doesn't work when she rolling in dead crap that some idiot left on the river bank
P1130036 w.jpg

Btw; whats the thing under the rego plate for ?? :rolleyes:


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We are ok here in West Gippsland covid hasn't really effected us that much , I don't take many photos now days , to slack just use the phone
When Photo Bucket started charging and Picasa closed down and you now have to subscribe to photo shop , I spat the dummy .
That thing under the rego plate is hole you could probably get it welded up
We might catch up again one day , its your shout for coffee

catch ya Jacko


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Am warming to Uki -- in fact I'm rather impressed after this bit of a test drive on the new street tyres. Doesn't seem to be much or any different to the big muddies. Went up here and a steeper damp sand hill with no fuss, noise or wheel spin . Dry sand would be different though
Jacko! forget photoshop; Affinity photo is now my weapon to have, and old Lr5 of course .
Cardross lake 3006  040 w.jpg

a few out and about happy snap --Lumix Fz300
Ranfurly 2906  037 w.jpg
Ranfurly 2906  051-2 w.jpg
Ranfurly 2906  060 w.jpg
Ranfurly 2906  063 w.jpg

And how it was in 1976 when there were bugga all 4x4s on the road, roads were worse, many highways were still dirt, bitumen roads were narrow and bridges were lower and yet we still got there. The green bonnet has had flood water across it several times .. Yep; over proof rum :lol: and a 222 mag on the roof
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Coffee time
Finally!! Uki is register in my name after far to many dollars spent :(
Had a Vic road worthy done -- did a 150 k local wander -- really bad noises happened when slowing down coming back into town --- bloody gear and/or transfer box!!! Remember what happened to the Kia -- gear box ! Likely jumped the gun on that job.
Found a $1100 2016 / 35,000 gear box in Adelaide >had $1000 round about estimate to fit it. Bigger job with the front diff needing to be removed -- bloody bash plates didn't help --- the $800 of road worthy work done (small oil leak) was all undone >all back together with a $100 replacement rear drive shaft but still very noisy at 60kph but the really bad noise was less >transfer box swapped >still noisy at 60kph >removed front drive shaft >still noisy at 60kph >old transfer box put back in .
Replacement transfer box in my shed to on sell :(

About 3-4 weeks later we (mechanic + me) gave up with enough is enough even though it sounds **** at 60-80kph .

Time for the new number plates >can not do as the road worthy was 10 days out of date ! Another road worthy needed for all the 260 Km travelled!! Made a few phones "sorry; no can do" . $180 later and one park light bulb replaced I was able to take Uki to VicRoads to be "inspected" even though the person at counter didn't even look at the bloody thing --- could have walked in weeks before !!
Stupid side steps and middle bash plates have gone with the muddies.

Time for a drive --- Mildura on the dirt road to Lindsay point on the SA border sounded all the go. Perhaps return via Sunset Np along the main road south of highway . Rain monday so sunday it is.
Saturday ATM; and we are now in another BLOODY LOCKDOWN for FS! .
WTF have all these head aches been for ??!!!
No; haven't added up ALL the $$$$$ spent but have learnt (AGAIN!) to LISTEN TO GUT FEELINGS !!

First local wander around the river banks with the new number plates that didn't reduce the 60-80 on bitumen noise -- maybe just an auto suzuki thing.
If a bull peed there it would be noga mate :lol:

Riverside 1908  046-2 w.jpg