Better late, than never.


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G'day one and all.
As you can tell by the title, I have been a bit of a slacker with my intro.
But here goes.
I live in woori (yallock) and have been absent from the 4x4 scene for a few years, have decided that now the kids are older, it's time to get back off-road.
We are planning a whirl wind tour around oz next year and hope to hit some of the "fun" tracks in each state (if time allows).
As most would probably know I bought the old cruiser, for just this purpose.
Anyway, I look forward to particapating in the forum.
So have a great day.


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Sounds like fun, I can only try. But that time of year I am generally flatout at work.
lol I have only had 2 weeks off in 3 years.


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Ahh, good of you to intro yourself Craig.

Yep, the O'Tooles Flat gathering is going to be a hoot! Even if you can just make it up for a day trip.



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Thanks to everyone for their warm welcome.
As for O'Tooles, I will try to make it (probably get there saturday arvo/evening).