Betsy The LN106 Hilux


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Thanks mate I'm sure I could figure it out just have to save a few more penny's. keep the updates coming I'll have to sort out a page for my ute


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I put one of them DTS kits on mine about 4 years ago and is still all good. Heavily loaded going up the Pentland Hills last night into a strong head wind that was blowing me around a bit I rounded up a GQ wagon no worries. My son was with me (also a GQ owner) and was suitably impressed. I did get passed by an empty d4d dual cab lux though.


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Right! time i pulled my finger out and did an update!
A few week... no months ago now i got my paws on a set of CSA reproduction 'Globe' bathurst rims in pretty average condition sandblasted them and sent them off to be powdercoated and re-faced but we will get to that latter.
A couple weeks after this i decided to take the plunge and order a set of Titan drawers from the SupaCentre. Now i've heard all the stories and the customer service was as expected. However, to their credit the drawers had rocked up and were installed in the back of the truck before they even listed them as "Shipped" on their website... go figure! Had some help from the legend @The 80 & I for this.
14010002_1165584666832222_1221234906_n.jpg 14031132_1165584633498892_1241204649_n.jpg
Not many more moons after that i got onto 4Way suspension at work, my old springs were well past their use-by date and i was pretty over the ruined back thing.... New 2' lift springs, shackles, pins, adjustable torque rod, HD steering damper, Road Safe adjustable Z bar drag link, and one afternoon on a borrowed hoist latter and it now drives alot better! and the flex! oh yea ;)
While this was all happening i was in talks with ARB at Newcastle trying to get a set of full fibreglass flares to suit and was swiftly told in stock see you in 3 weeks! no worries i thought :rolleyes:. Well that 3 weeks turned into about 8 weeks and a production run latter, but they look the goods! luckily we had paint leftover from the respray back in March so it all matches! for now...
Oh and those wheels... well i would like to thank the guys at Precision Wheels at West Gosford for doing such a top shelf job on it, they passed my expectations well and truly and have come up new! now wrapped in my second set of 32" KM2's
Along with all the major bits ive rebuilt the lead and trailing drive shafts, upgraded extended braided brake lines, re-located second battery, rewired said battery, re-ran power for fridge and lights, fitted larger spec twin core radiator, new engine mounts and transmission saddle mount and a few other minor bits not worth photographing. Next up is the turbo kit that has been waiting patiently under the bench for a few weeks now bring it on! :cool:


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Rigs looking good mate!
Just curious how many kms your Hilux has done before you put on turbo kit
Thanks mate
It's got pretty low km's on it for its age it's got just over 230,000 on it now and I've had it since 190,000 I've done the injectors and whilst they were out I did a compression test on it and it came up really good, down a bit but that's a good thing when adding forced induction. A good friend of mine had an LN167R with the 5L in it and it's been happily chugging away with a DTS kit for about 4 years and it's got 400,000 on it non rebuilt so it should go for a while!


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I'm just coming up to 245000 so should be find I reckon. Are you aware if you have to do anything with pump tuning post turbo figment?


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Given the cold weather i decided finally lets get the hairdryer happening...
Well i have to say it wasn't as straight forward as i was hoping, wrong fittings supplied in the kit wasn't a great start so what was hoping to be a simple day job stretched into almost a week of afternoons (kudos to DTS for sorting new fittings no questions asked though!). This however gave me time to do a few other things like a full gear and engine oil drop and replace my manky leaking rocker cover with a second hand one that i cleaned up and threw on no more leakyness!
Of course as to be expected the only manifold stud that wanted to be difficult was the hardest one to get to so off came the AC pump, alternator and support brackets to get to one bolt... oh well! As a result though the truck definitely pulls a lot better however the exhaust needs changing for sure the EGT's take forever to come back down! it'll be getting a new exhaust made up this week and a trip down to the local diesel blokes for a tune! I adjusted the pump to DTS specs and i believe its a bit too rich looks its blowing a fair bit of charcoal. I can now answer your question @4x4addict it was super simple just turn the maximum fuel screw up 1/4 of a turn job done... lol you can fit larger and secondary diaphragms on the main pump i'm told as well as boost compensators but they aren't deemed necessary i'm told, can only wait and see i guess.


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Okay! Got the exhaust done weeks ago went with a 2.5" mandrel bent system with straight through glass fiber muffler so its not overly loud very happy with that. Its also very good at dropping the exhaust temperatures a lot faster than the factory system that the DTS kit is designed to operate with. 14958687_1234156223308399_1630295117_n.jpg
Once the exhaust was sorted out it was off to the dyno for a tune and trial run. Did an initial run pre-adjustment and it pushed a hilariously lazy 29kw! I adjusted it as per spec but found it started getting a bit hot pretty quicky for my liking on the EGT's so i knocked the fuel down a touch. It now happily pulls up hills and tops out at about 450-500 degrees, its a big improvement from a driving aspect and i have no interest in pushing it any harder! its tops out at 8.8PSI of boost
It was a good surprise on the run up to Dorrigo on my recent trip up to Coffs Harbor i was very impressed with how it went on the 8km long climb up the range. Kinda loaded up i was having to back off around some of the corners!
Might eventually get some of the piccies off the camera of the Coffs trip some good fun tracks up that way but heres a pic of it on Boambee Beach at Coffs Harbour for now.
Hmmm the list is slowly getting shorter :eek:


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You've done a bit of work on her Mitch and it looks great with the rims and flares. Hardly recognized it as the one on its side :rolleyes:


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You've done a bit of work on her Mitch and it looks great with the rims and flares. Hardly recognized it as the one on its side :rolleyes:
Cheers Mike, it's been the project car and that was the idea! Didn't want to recognise it after that haha not done with it yet though hehe


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Yikes.... been over 12mths about time i do a quick lap of whats new on the old girl!
Right as usual i got bored with the truck and wanted to do something different... well by different i meant new set of barwork! Big shout out to ole mate Benji at rampt engineering for the sliders they have come up trumps. New delux style ARB bullbar for the front end as well to replace that well abused commercial bar plus they are alot stronger.

In about May myself and some work colleges started planning a trip to Fraser island in our off period break this then saw mass amounts of work and $$$ really go into getting it up to 'scratch' for the trip (would be fine as is i reckon :cool: but still hehe)
So i decided to intercool the truck which is actually still being done.... anyways i opted for a water to air setup purely because front mounts are fiddly to get right and im not cutting the bonnet up... with this in mind i wanted to sort the fans out and with no room for a couple of thermo fans, out comes the viscous clutch to adjust and ad the silicone oil and on goes a 10 blade fan off a 5LE lux
20171005_210054.jpg 20171005_212618.jpg
....this all felt strangly familiar... oh thats right the garbage Gates (im sorry to brand bash but when a parts interperater gets fkd over on 2 seperate water pumps failing in the space of 6 months and the supplier says tough biccies then they can suck the big one!) Water pump had failed the input shaft o ring.... exactly what the previous one did so off with all that crap again.... on the plus side im getting quicker at it :p
All well and good for a few more weeks.... stay tuned for the next update!
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Geez this one was quick back to back updates!
Ok cheezy lazy update joke aside... In having the turbo setup I never really trust the ole factory toyota gauges... so off to the wreckers and i had myself a Hilux Surf tiltometer thing... in the same colour as my interior. I promplty cut it to pieces and began making templates to hold my VDO gauges. 3 or 4 attempts and this is the end result i did this in July and the photos are all gone now but it wasnt hard to make :p

With this i think i lasted till about September and i was bored with it... and it found its way to the spray booth again.... dammit! Someone needs to hide the spray gun seriously....
It looks so naked!

And no that isnt primer :cool: went for something a bit different... which im going to hate when i scratch it im sure :rolleyes:

Did the treads in that you bute Raptor coating stuff... we will see how long that lasts! Once it was all re-assembled (keep in mind this took me about a month of afternoons and stuffing around between work) it was off to blacksmiths beach for a run

In addition to this i finally set about fitting my roof cage! As the hilux doesnt have roof gutters this was a bit of a hurdle as i refuse to drill holes into the roof! I found myself a good sized full alloy roof platform and got myself some of the clamp style roof racks at work. Initially the cage sat ontop of the roof rack and looked rather dicky..... so i thought what the hell lets cut up my brand new $300 roof bars :eek:
Seriously that was painful to do... that aside and cut down allowed me to fit the roof cage over the ends of the roof bars letting it sit a good 50mm lower and it still fits in the garage which was my whole aim woohoo!
20171210_171451.jpg 20171210_171511.jpg
Even got the awning on finally!

Ah well thats about all she wrote for now there was alot of small bits and pieces not worth writing about but you get the idea ill post up the intercooler build as it progresses!


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Damn man, you've been busy. And here I was thinking you were gonna bite the bullet and buy a pajero hahaha. Looks awesome though. You must have scored yourself one of benji's last ever sets of sliders too! Lucky bastard..


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Damn man, you've been busy. And here I was thinking you were gonna bite the bullet and buy a pajero hahaha. Looks awesome though. You must have scored yourself one of benji's last ever sets of sliders too! Lucky bastard..
Yea i think these where the sliders that caused him to go nup no more haha they (and by they i mean me i think) annoyed the crap out of him as i wanted the plates to be bolt on instead of welded haha he did a good job though strong as houses pain in the ass to line up and bolt on though... and yep 2018 is going to bring another truck i think. The lux isnt going anywhere though :cool:
Currently spending my new years on Fraser island i did build and fit my intercooler before i left with mixed results will update it all when i get home.


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Ok as promised bit of a lap around the intercooler on Betsy. Now bit of history first up myself and some work colleges toyed with the idea of a run up to Fraser over new years in 2017. This was all set in stone about May all being booked and sorted, anyways my pop had then been disgnosed with cancer about september and proceeded to go down hill pretty quickly, given the situation at the end of November approached I was still looking at pulling out all together. This being said i hadnt done alot on the car in prep for the trip. 2 weeks before the off date we recieved word from the specialist that pops condition had been improving seemingly overnight and was looking alot brighter. It was back on! This now left a mountain of little shit to sort out before the off namly the intercooler setup which was trialed and fitted up in about 6 hours haha so theres a few things a bit el bodgeo for now.
First off the bullbar had to come off to fit up the radiators a few home made brackets here and there and i managed to fit both heat exchangers in behind the grille no worries with a bit of trimming. Even painted up the apron while i was at it.

Also fitted new crystal semi sealed headlights better spread and look alot cleaner!
That out of the way i got to work parting together the hest exchanger barrel on the high side of the turbo. Fairly easy as i had measured it all previous i still have a list of P.nos if anyone is interested. As the hilux doesnt have a body lift the barrel did hit the bonnet as the barrel i wanted wasnt in stock. Had to massage the bonnet slightly on the ribs underneath easy fixed.
The system is running a Davies Craig electric water pump i think its about 35l a minute. Improvement wise it was very surprising for the first say 800km kept the temps down and brought them down faster too. In the haste before the off i didnt get the catch can fitted up so i would say the cooler is full of oil residue by now and is less efficient. That said it still makes a big difference for its size! On average its lowered exhaust temps by atkeast 50 degrees across the board
In closing the old bus did about 4000km in 10 days up the coast and back and didnt put a foot wrong. Ran cooler and didnt give a problem on the 40 degree days on the island in the soft sand.


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Heres a few sneaky pics from the Fraser island adventure!

Steaming up the flats to Eurong somewhere near DilliVillage
Get a load of the size of the stag horns! This was taken at Central Station nice but of logging history here deffinitly worth the stop over.
20171223_132531.jpg 20171223_133745.jpg
Taken on one of the numerous trips to Lake Mckenzie on the 10000000% humidity days

Having a bit of a fish up at the Sandy Cape of the island as dusk took over to round out the day.
I have dozens more photos if anyone is interested we visted just about everywhere on the island but my computers pretty useless so ill leave it at that for now. Lastly one of my favorites from an early morning fish up near the Meheno shipwreck area.


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Time for a wee update. Well truthfully theres not much to update. I think i finally have the old Hilux up to scratch.... :rolleyes: ok ok im just joking! That said throughout the past 6mths not much has happened between work and the fact i hibernate when it gets cold... I am slowly designing the back of the drawers differently and making up a much needed proper 12v system. On the topic of that does anyone run the Projecta BCDC1225 solar/DC-DC charger or have any other recomendations? I think thats what i have narrowed it down too but genuinely open to suggestions i have a 30 watt solar panel which will be used on occasion as well as vehicle charging.
Anywho i did a bit of a run out to sunny (i mean cold and rainy...) Lithgow a while ago traversing from Clarence down to Lidsdale via Blackfellows hand and Angus Pl firetrail then up and over Baal Bone on the Bicentennial Trail and up the blacktop to Turon Gates near Capertee for the night.
Having a go at the wombat holes near Clarence

Parked up on the old abandon haul road out of the Lisdale colliery, trust me those skid marks didnt come from neither of us...

Finally parked up for the night around a top fire with good company from @The 80 & I