Best way cleaning camping cookware?


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For every web page against, there is one for: etc. etc. My choice is to avoid aluminium and I recommend people to do likewise, but in the end we are responsible for our own choices in life, good and bad.
Shall we discuss teflon next? ::D:D:D


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I use cast iron . while its hot tip in some cold water with washing detergent , if its really baked on let it boil and clean its self . rinse with clean water and oil . most of the time it only needs a wipe out and re oil as cast-iron makes its own non stick coating unless you burn stuff.
we also use the same cleaning method on stainless steel so I don't see any reason why titanium would be any different . you will be surprised what dishwashing detergent will remove when boiling
I also use cast iron.

Even using the boiler, there were no problems, they poured it with cheap chemistry after cooking to remove the fat and that's it, I don’t remember that something burned on it. Good things!


we use cast iron at home and camping. Check out Solidteknics, they have a multigenerational warranty. When seasoned correctly they're absolutely non stick. I use the boil water in it and they clean themselves method, dry back on the heat and add a small amount oil until it starts smoking, Cool a little and wipe with a paper towel. They are fantastic!

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