Best time to camp at Robe

we ve been camping on the aire river campground almost every summer for the last 4 years so now i am planning to go to another possible exciting place with the family plus doing a little beach 4wd.

Little dip cons. Park sounds and seems like a good place to visit and camp. When is the best time to go there ? (Water not so cold for the kids) Are the beach safe for kids? We re looking for somewhere we can drive a bit on the beach and park and kids can play around the water.
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Anytime out of school holidays, February is great but as you have kids I guess you are locked into the holiday period so good luck getting a campsite during that time.


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There is positives to camping at robe in all months, winter months are great for no crowds, a good camp fire and challenging beach driving.
Summer months are great because its generally 10ºC cooler than Adelaide and a great respite from heat but can get super busy especially around holidays/long weekends. Beaches are generally at there best (easiest) for driving between say Nov and March.
Thanks guys it is certainly on the planner. I cant find any information in regards of campsite booking requirement for little dip conservation park at SA park website, do we have to book in advance or just head there and try your luck? If thats the case might just book a site at private caravan park. Sea vu looks good
What Luke said.
I will add the beaches down thru little dip and beachport cons park can be pretty trecherous swimming wise most times of the year.

Long beach at robe and nora carina cove would be the safest for young kids.
Thank you for the kids friendly info. Thats what i am after, safe place for kids where waves are not too big and no dangerous current


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Hey Ivan. When we went to Robe years ago when the kids were much younger we stayed at the Big 4caravan park. Parked the car outside the park and just did day trips from there. The beach access ramp was about 500 mts from the park. Great spot for kids. I found my self grabbing a coffee and driving onto the beach every morning before everyone else woke up just watching either people fishing or surfing. Was a beautiful spot that one day I will go there again. Kids pool and playground etc was fantastic at the caravan park. Well worth staying there. Hope you enjoy it.
Cheers Craig


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It looked pretty damn nice at Beachport last time I was there. The caravan park is right on the water and a walk to town. It did look a bit busy though as it was a January. Overall, a really beautiful little town. You can pick up a 4x4 mud map at the tourist info place that covers pretty much the whole area from way down south to north near Robe.


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I will add the beaches down thru little dip and beachport cons park can be pretty trecherous swimming wise most times of the year.

Long beach at robe and nora carina cove would be the safest for young kids.
I agree with Brian,
I would not send my kids swimming in there around Little Dip now matter how nice & peaceful it looks , no flags , no rescue hope.
Stick to where there are Flags :)


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Long Beach Robe. Drive on to it right in Town, Goes for about ten ks to exit/entrance further out. Easy to drive, can drive higher up if you want to have some fun, maybe air down if heavy higher up, safe for kids to swim, good for a picnic, lots of room, may have to stay in a park, lots of good things and a good pub, etc. central to good sand driving like Robe to Beachport. Good for young families driving in the whole area.
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Having grown up in Robe in the 90's the place was a mad house during the holiday periods (Xmas/NYE & Easter) and it was a lot smaller back then! If you're confined to going in school holiday periods you'll have to put up with plenty of others around the tracks

As others have said, stick to long beach and front beach in regards to swimming for the tin lids. You will get waves at these beaches, but depending on conditions they usually aren't too much to worry about. 2nd ramp on long beach generally is a bit smaller wave heights than 1st & 3rd ramp, but on occasion it does get some decent waves. And at no time of the year is the water particularly warm, reckon it averages about 13°C so wetsuits were always the go