Best paper maps

Hey all just after some recommendations on paper maps for 4wding in NSW mainly coffs region.
Yes i know of hema just look at all my options before i buy.


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Six Maps - can supply printed maps for sale in 1:25000 scale ($16.25 each) or you can download them as a PDF & print them yourself (free). They can also be converted online to a JPEG image which can be calibrated for use in Oziexplorer & other devices.

Another source for State Forest PDF maps is

Have not printed any of these so don`t know how large they might be.
Cheers thanks mate these are 2 very good options


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Yep I used this as well recently, downloaded what i needed for Kosciuszko National Park and took to a printer, cost me $20 per map because their 1:25000 come out an odd size not a standard A1. Probably cheaper to have them sent unless you can print A1 or A0. If you look at the State catalogue a lot are only available as 1:25000, system won't let you download 1:50000 or 1:100000 unless that is the only one available as the areas become more remote. Maybe I missed something but I could find them to access, could find map titles for 1:50 and 1:100 but couldn't access.
This site is actually quite a good resource. You can zoom in and change the opacity of the topo overlay and sat image. Well worth a look even if you are just using it for planning.