Best Bull Bar for 2017/18 Colorado LS Dual Cab


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I've been looking around and can't seem to decide on the best bull bar. Price/look/installation all apply.
My 2 favorite so far are the;
Safari Bar (Holden's stock model) $3.1K install
Xrox Bar - Haven't been able to find one to suit the 2017/18 models yet.
Any suggestions in relation to these would be awesome.

Aaron Schubert

What do you want the bar for?

Is it to mount things on, like UHF antennas/lights and a winch, or for looks, or for front on protection against animals?

Have a good think about the weight (whether you will need new springs), how much protection the bar actually gives, whether you can still install rated recovery points, how far out they stick and how much attention they are going to bring. Not all bars are winch compatible



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Tjm outback 63mm


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I don't think there really is a "best bar", it all comes down to what you want the bar for.

do you want a winch.
are you looking to mount multiple uhf aerials.
will you add large spotties or led bars and will they fit the bar.
will you mount recovery points because some bars don't have a good solution for fitment.
are you looking to add scrub/side bars.
do you drive where there are lots of roos because bars that have no protection for the headlights like xrox will cost you a new headlight/bonnet/side fender if you clip a roo, they look cool but is looks or function more important.

then of course the overall weight of everything.
when I added my bar,winch,bash plates,dual batt etc the front suspension sagged on my collie 7 so I had to get a suspension upgrade.

when choosing a bar look at what you want to do with it before how it looks unless its just a city vehicle then I guess looks are more important while at the traffic lights or shopping centers etc.


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ARB works well on mine, the wildlife don't seem to like it when they play chicken though!