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Discussion in 'GPS Talk' started by silkwood, Dec 29, 2017.

  1. Cyberess

    Cyberess Active Member

    Hi BooBook.
    Didn't mean to consume so much of your time, New Years Eve and all -- and I am not sure about the spam that you have received either -- I don't ever remember receiving spam from them either, and I think I have been using the app for about 5 years now, and I am always installing the app on different tablet and phones ete, at this moment I have it installed on 5 different devices -- people give me their old phones and using my Google account I can have it loaded on whatever Android device I like. Maybe the considered spam was something like confirmation about the maps that you have just downloaded or something.
    Just one for Pubski
    Yeah my bad -- it's contour lines of course -- late night posting issue.;) There will be some more late night posting issues from me tonight as well :p for sure.

    The Ilkurkla roadhouse does exist on the WA OSM Lo Map that I have loaded in from the store, with the tracks north and south.
    It does need the "Hike and Bike" theme enabled to see them and that can be enabled from the Map Content Button, I have a red arrow pointing to Map Content Button, on the screen shot.

    O.k. some more tips and tricks (This will need "Locus Pro Tweak" )
    Swapping to Google Hybrid Satellite Image
    Swapping to Bing Hybrid Satellite
    Yes I have Hema maps as loaded into Locus.
    Any of the online Maps can be offlined, as to be access while out of cell access -- one of my favourite features of Locus Pro
    To offline or download Google Hybrid
    What I say to anyone have a play -- ask questions and enjoy :cool:
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  2. boobook

    boobook Well-Known Member

    It must be me Cyberess. Your pics look much more impressive than anything I found.

    I am going to give it another go. That looks ok.

  3. Wombat_81

    Wombat_81 New Member

    Just in case anyone isn't aware, Android nougat (ver 7.1) can do split screen. So you can run your favourite topo app and Google Navigation simultaneously.

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  4. Cyberess

    Cyberess Active Member

    Interesting not sure how useful showing 2 mapping packages at once, as with maps usually chasing detail and using the whole screen
    Noticed you were looking the Townsville area.. Since I like detail, I opened up Locus Pro Maps on my phone, done a search on Townsville and I thought I would compare, (These are just screen shots off my phone) sort of I got looking at the bike tracks next to the James Cook Uni -- Those bike tracks look interesting.

    The bike tracks have names -- I wonder if they are sign posted.
    Just looking at Mount Stuart.. I wonder if there is more tracks
    O.K. Satellite Maps Rock :)
    O.K. these maps are from the screen off my phone, the maps shown here were LoMaps, as i have mentioned in a earlier post in this thread, and I have also now loaded extra Open Android Maps -- Extremely detailed free maps .. Yep I am a mapaholic
    With the amount of detail that I am getting using Locus Pro, a crazy amount of online mapping sources -- plus the extremely detailed Open Street maps, there is no way that I could go back to Hema maps.

    BTW: the phone that I am using is a $355 ZTE Axon 7 with 5.5" with screen resolution of 2560 x 1440 -- I use it as a hand held GPS, I have to say it's excellent.
  5. Wombat_81

    Wombat_81 New Member

    Yeah, I'm thinking it might be handy in the car sometimes so I don't have to touch the tablet. But we'll see. Might be just as simple to switch between apps.

    Yeah they are designated MTB tracks. Theres also a "terrain" area at the bottom. I'm not a mountain biker but I have a few friends that use those tracks.

    Yes there are more designated MTB tracks that (roughly) follow the road on Mt Stuart. If you zoom in a bit further on the satellite you can see them, especially on the lower half. See attachment. You can see the tracks on Street View in places, too.

    I started looking at Locus last night and it looks handy to have on my phone for bushwalking etc. I think I'm happy with ozi on the tablet in the 4x4, though.

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